Top 10 Sunglasses Under $100

Eye protection is integral to aging well, including protecting our eyes and preventing wrinkles. Here are our top 10 sunglasses under $100.
10 Under $100 sunglasses

Must-Have Sunglasses for Fabulous Fall Days

Even though summer is wrapping up, we still need to protect our eyes from the sun’s dangerous rays. Whether you’re on a road trip, a walk through the cool fall air, or even an early autumn boat ride, make sure you grab your favorite sunnies to keep the wind and sun from damaging not only your eyes but the delicate skin around them. 

While there are a ton of brands, styles, and other options out there, we were able to narrow down our top picks to 10 that are set under the $100 price tag. From vintage styles to polarized options, you should find something for just about any occasion. 

Just because the sunniest days of the year are behind us, don’t take a break from your eye protection game. Grab a great pair (or two… or three) of fabulous sunglasses, head out on an adventure, and look great doing it!