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PrimePick: I Love BarkBox As Much As My Dog Does

You Ask; We Answer | Is BarkBox Worth the Hype?

IMPORTANT UPDATE TO THIS REVIEW: If you sign up for a monthly delivery, there is an automatic renewal. Unless you actively discontinue the service, you will be CHARGED, and one buyer reported a $10 price increase on the box they delivered after the 6 month commitment. The company refused to issue a refund or lower the price. BUYER BEWARE!

In one word: yes. There’s a variety of reasons why, so let’s dive in to this Barkbox review!

Prime Pick Barkbox

BarkBox is the first ‘subscription-box’ for pets, and they’ve managed to hold that title despite several other competitors rising to meet them. If you’re not familiar with ‘subscription boxes’, it’s as simple as it sounds, yet the value is exponential. A smartly curated box can introduce you to so many products without having to purchase them first.

Welcome to your new favorite obsession, because there is a subscription box for every service from makeup, clothing, and perfume….I could go on.

For a flat fee every month, you will receive a BarkBox that has at least 2 innovative toys, a couple of all-natural bags of treats, and a chew. When you go through the sign-up process, they ask for the dog’s size, as there are 3 different boxes catering to the pooch by pounds.

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While it’s probably only important to me – the human, BarkBox themes it’s monthly box differently, each time and they’re so fun! Here’s some of their recent themes:

one of the themes in our barkbox review another theme in our barkbox review BarkBox Review on themes

My Barkbox Review – Other reasons why I love BarkBox:

  • My dog is hard on toys and chews them up faster than a speeding bullet, so it is great to have those replenished every month.
  • I despise walking into a big-box retailer, on a whole – the lighting and the noise is just too much for me, so it’s a big help insofar that it saves a trip for the toys and accessories.
  • They also offer allergy-free boxes, which exclude beef, chicken, & turkey.
  • All treats are made in the US & Canada, all-natural, & wheat, corn, soy, & filler-free.
  • One box I received, my pooch was just not into the toys they sent. I contacted Barkbox, who helped out and exchanged them for a couple more options that were enjoyed, thoroughly (and by thoroughly, I definitely mean “shredded within a week out of sheer enthusiasm”).

You can also visit the Bark! store to grab extras of any toys or treats your dog loved, and it’s chock full of reviews to ensure that you find something perfect for your pup…..or for you! They have a great shop of dog-lover attire, accessories and more to keep right in step with your stylish sweetie. (My ‘shoodles’ are already on their way!)

The stuff for humans we love in our Barkbox review




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