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What Prime Women Are Thankful For

Whether you're spending Thanksgiving the way you wish or not... Or even celebrating the American-only holiday at all, we hope you'll use today as a prompt to remember what you're thankful for. We're thankful for the contributions of so many vibrant women in their prime, changing misperceptions about women our… Read more


Gratitude is Good for You

With Thanksgiving this week, I thought it’d be appropriate to dive into thankfulness and gratitude a little more than usual. You see, there is a brain health aspect to practicing gratitude, as suggested by research, which links gratitude to personal well being. It’s also understandable that in actual practice gratitude… Read more


The Exercise That Offsets the Effects of Menopause

Have you heard of sprint interval training? For postmenopausal women who are gaining fat, losing muscle, and prone to injuries, sprint interval training, or SIT, could be your new best friend. A recent study done on postmenopausal women showed SIT sessions both decreased fat and increased lean muscle. That’s a… Read more

Personal Growth

What Difference Does it Make to be Purposeful?

Part of the Women Over 50—What Really Works? Series Now that we are getting better at incorporating purpose into our daily lives, we have another really important aspect to face. Does it really make a difference and does it matter to anyone else?  Does it really mean anything to be living a… Read more


5 Appreciative Hostess Gifts That Aren’t Just Wine

Everyone knows not to come to a party empty-handed, right? Sounds good, but in reality, this usually means several bottles of wine for the host, with no guarantee they'll even like it! And what about the hostess that doesn't drink? For the next party you attend why not bring one… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

Gift a Girlfriend Skincare Challenge

Sponsored Post but Personally Tested A Gift for the Gals to Do Together One of the best gifts you can give your friends (or your daughters) is something you can all do together. Even better if it helps everyone long term. Triple good if the cost is reasonable. Which is… Read more


 7 Steps to Limit Daily Sugar Intake Once and For All

Sugar is one of the worst things we can eat, and unfortunately, is one of the hardest to avoid! The shocking thing about our state of health today is how much we really don’t know about the foods we are consuming. On average, Americans eat about 15 teaspoons of added… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

A Dramatic Eye Makeup Tutorial Anyone Can Do

You have the perfect outfit and the perfect night out planned, now you need the perfect makeup to match! This dramatic eye makeup tutorial is easy enough that anyone can do it. With just a couple of steps, you can recreate this dazzling look on yourself. This tutorial does build… Read more

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