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50 Ways to Leave Your 40s: #19 The Supper Club

When my good friend Trish advertised that she and another gorgeous lady, Julie, were going to host a Supper Club, I got a little giddy. As someone who loves her food - some may say a little too much - I couldn't think of anything better than attending an informal… Read more


Brain Injury Prevention

As we get older, our bodies and especially our brains, start to change in ways we may not expect. We become a little more forgetful, a little slower, and unfortunately, a little less steady on our feet. Believe it or not, imbalance can actually put you at risk for a… Read more


I Said I’m Sorry!

I suppose that if I had watched my buddies get shot up in Vietnam instead of being someone who raised only a timid voice to protest the war in Southeast Asia back in the day, I too might never forgive actress Jane Fonda for the anti-war activities that won her… Read more


Swimwear for Women Over (or Nearing) 50: Suits for Every Body Type

After this wild, epic winter our thoughts turn to more peaceful, relaxing days ahead: lazing on sandy beaches, lounging by crystal pools, taking refreshing dips in cool lakes, oh, and competing in those triathalons...(why not? Swimwear for women has come a long way, baby!) Well, let’s help make those fantasies… Read more

Career Maker

8 Tips on Closing the Gender Wage Gap

In the decade of the 1970’s, I graduated from college with a degree in mathematics and certification to teach that subject. Upon graduation, I could not find a teaching position, although many of my fellow male math majors seemed to easily secure positions in a number of secondary schools that… Read more


Fall Prevention: Safeguard Your Body and Mind

If a fall can harm a body, just think what it can do to the mind. That angle wasn’t much on the thoughts of our esteemed national newspaper nannies, the New York Times and the Washington Post, when both published within the same week in February very worthy but well-worn… Read more


Hair Loss Treatment for Women: HairMax Laser

Sponsored Post There is not a single topic that garners a bigger readership than articles on hair; hairstyles, hair color, hair treatments, you get the drift. Women care about their hair. It's not called our "crowning glory" for nothing. Sadly, our hair ages right along with our bodies. Although stress,… Read more

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Discovering Hemingway In Havana

Just the thought of going to Havana is exciting. When you think of Havana, images of the 1950s nightclub scene before Castro come to mind: ladies in cocktail dresses or ball gowns and men in white suits or dinner jackets; jet setters dancing the rumba with chorus girls in Carmen… Read more

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