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Sun Hats Are Your New SPF: Seasonally Protective Friend

Some of our favorite summer accessories are ladies sun hats. Depending on the style of hat, you can transform any piece in your wardrobe, from funky to classic, retro Hollywood to Royal Family! Until recently it was difficult to travel with several hats, but the designers have stepped up the… Read more


Is Your Life as Happy as Your Social Media Photos?

I just got off the phone with an old friend and by old, I mean our friendship is old, not the two of us. We met when we started working together. I was just nineteen at the time. During our phone conversation she gave me a very sincere compliment. She… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Essential Oils and Other Small Miracles

If you are like me, you've spent a small fortune trying out all the “miracle” products for anti-aging only to find that there is no such miracle in a bottle. During the last few years, however, I noticed that my skin was starting to look very dull and, of course,… Read more


Are Whole Grains a Cancer Preventing Food? Keto/Paleo May Not Be Your Friend

If you're like most people who grew up with rotary phones, you probably heard your mother or grandmother tell you time and again, "Eat your vegetables. After all, you are what you eat." But rather than turning into a turnip or finding lima beans growing out of your ears like… Read more


Father’s Day Gift Guide

Whether it is for your father, your children's father or your grandchildren's father, odds are you have a special man or two in your life and are tasked with the annual rush to condense your affection into the most perfect present. The reality is - you are shopping for a… Read more


Best Wedding Dresses for Mature Brides

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, you modern woman, you! Everyone deserves love, as often as possible, and whether this is your first wedding or your fourth, we toast to your success. With that said, let's talk about the most important thing you'll consider, outside of your wedding venue and the… Read more

Finding Balance

Letting Go of Grudges

Are you holding onto a grudge? Who of us hasn’t? You bet I have. If you’ve had a wrong done to you, whether actual or perceived, grudges are a completely natural human response. Turns out, it’s not the wrong itself you respond to. It’s the pain, hurt, bitterness, jealousy, etc.… Read more


The Prime Woman’s Guide to Wine Country Weddings

The USA is now the largest wine consuming country in the world. Considering this, it is not difficult to appreciate the growing interest in Wine Country wedding venues across America, especially for second weddings. Brides are crafting new traditions around these spectacular vistas. Imagine having a wedding ceremony between vineyard… Read more

Kate’s Journey From Hair Loss to Fuller, Healthier Hair Growth

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