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Food and Wine

Hidden Napa Valley Winery Steals the Show

VGS Chateau Potelle owner Jean-Noel Fourmeaux, winemaker Kale Anderson and Vice President Matthew Regan invited a group of journalists for the first time ever to a tasting of upcoming releases at Girard Hirigoyen’s lovely Basque restaurant, Piperade, in San Francisco last week. The winery sells direct to consumers and has… Read more

Featured Women

Madonna: The Material Girl Still Breaking Barriers at 60

It is hard to believe Madonna is 60 years old this week. I remember watching the movie Desperately Seeking Susan and watching the video for "Like a Virgin" over 30 years ago and thinking "Wow, this girl is unique!" And the uniqueness continues to this day. Over 40 years later… Read more


6 Hottest Fall Fashion Trends

Want to get in the mood for fall? Not easy in these scorcher, dog days of summer. Once the designers are unfolding their latest collections I start to get excited and anxious to begin planning the newest additions to my wardrobe. At first glance I was tempted to call this… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

Need to Know: Growth Factors in Topical Skin Care

In the skin care sphere, bottling that next big breakthrough is always at the forefront of cosmetic chemists’ minds. So when researchers discovered that topically applied growth factors speed up wound healing, the anti-aging skin care sector took notice. “This was a logical step for science and skin care because… Read more

Featured Women

Inspirational Women in Their Prime: Kathy Smith, Fitness Titan

If you were even slightly aware of the advent of aerobics and home workout VHS tapes, you most likely have seen (and at some point tried to keep up with) Kathy Smith. Kathy is at the forefront of a business she helped pioneer more than 30 years ago. Today, she can… Read more


Are All Processed Foods Unhealthy?

Oh, the convenience of processed foods is fantastic, right?! I agree, and let me tell you, the quick answer of ‘are all processed foods unhealthy?’ is no! We health coaches like to keep our clients away from processed foods as much as possible, but there are actually a few that… Read more


Vedic Astrology: It’s Written in the Stars

The path of change, the road to reinvention and the journey of transformation is not always a clear one. While there can be smooth, downhill runs, there can also be storms clouding the way forward, treacherous cliff hanging, windy roads that threaten your resolve and uphill climbs that question your… Read more


7 Fun Workout Trends You Can Own, Plus One to Pass On

Fitness after 50 is even more important. After you turn 50, changes in your body, such as hormone fluctuations, affect your health in a variety of ways. Still, it’s also crucial to know that, unless you’ve been an athlete your entire life, you do need to be mindful about which… Read more