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Skin Care & Make-Up

Ladies, It’s Time to Take Care of Your Skin

Aging. It is inevitable, unfortunately, but there are ways to fight back! Today we will go over some tips & tricks to help combat and maybe even reverse some of nature’s unavoidable evils. It's time to take care of your skin! I'm sure we can all agree that wrinkles and… Read more


Why It’s Important to Sleep On All Natural Bedding

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. An inviting welcome after a long day. It's your spot to unwind and sleep, preparing for the morning. While you sleep your body performs critical "clean up" activities analogous to taking out the trash that accumulated during the day. In a perfect world, your bedroom… Read more


10 Top Spring Fashion Trends… You Must Give In!

This season, fashion is focused on emboldening women through easy, beautiful clothes that seem to augment rather than merely add ornament. Designers returned to the classics, but with a shift - reimagining new proportions, color palettes, fabrics, and silhouettes. So let's get seduced by SPRING with the ten top spring… Read more


Kiwi Crate Activity Boxes are a Smart Gift for Kids

Recently, I was looking for something special for my eight year old niece. My goal was to have some sort of gift mailed regularly to her so she could look forward to it each month. Remember when it was fun to get mail? I looked at book clubs, but found them to… Read more

Career Maker

The Secret to Having a Productive Day

Women in their prime have a zest for life and for making a difference in the world. That zest is tempered by the wisdom gained from years of experience and learning.  Always striving to better themselves, women in their prime years are open to better ways to do even more… Read more


Feeling Guilty? Why Guilt Lingers and What To Do About It

Type ‘Guilt is a’ into Google search and ‘useless emotion’ are the first words that pop up in the autocomplete list. Click on the phrase and the search page generates a list, including articles Why Guilt is a Useless Emotion and Guilt is a Wasted Emotion; and even a book titled, Guilt… Read more


7-Eleven® Supports Women Business Owners with Franchise Competition

Women business owners make up less than one-third of franchised businesses in the U.S., a statistic 7-Eleven, Inc. would like to see rise. In an effort to increase its own number of female franchisees, the world's largest convenience retailer is kicking off a franchise give-away contest targeted exclusively to women entrepreneurs. I'm pleased to… Read more

Vacation Homes

Successfully Booking Online: 10 Vacation Rental Tips

In 1995, I demanded a refund after discovering roaches, rusting pans, and broken down furniture in my first vacation rental. A few years later, the memory had faded and I tried again. While the French apartment I found on a fledgling rental website was far from perfect, it was infinitely… Read more

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