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Marriage & Divorce

Headstone Shopping: Cliff Notes for the Living

Following her husband’s death, Lore Powell, PRiME contributor, kept a journal she refers to as “The Grief Project.” She is graciously allowing us to share her entries with our readers. You can begin with her first essay here.  Headstone shopping can be daunting. It is curb appeal for the dead.… Read more


Short, Oscar-Worthy, Glamorous Hairstyles

Wow, wow, wow!!!! The 89th Oscars has come and gone, and what a show it was! Our star ladies did it up right, flaunting girl power, the ability to look regal, elegant, sophisticated , and rock those shorter cuts - all while dressing to the hilt and walking the red… Read more

Family & Friends

Is Proper Etiquette a Lost Art?

You have one chance to make a first impression. Most would agree your first impression is important, whether it’s a job interview, a business meeting, or a first date. The person you meet forms an opinion of you in those initial 5 to 7 seconds, so you should try to make… Read more


10,000 Steps: 5 Creative Ways to Get Them In

We've all heard we should be getting in 10,000 steps a day. and while it seems to be a recent trend (or fad?), it really isn't that new. The 10,000 steps a day philosophy goes back to the 1960s, when Japanese researchers determined that the average person walked 3,500–5,000 steps… Read more

Personal Growth

Are You Informed or Transformed?

Our brains are hard wired to learn, from the moment we are born. And it’s fun to learn. My curious brain regularly checks out the latest research for ideas, facts and interesting topics. Intellectual stimulation keeps me fresh and current. I’ll never stop studying the newest trends or stats on… Read more

Personal Growth

Step 4 of 8 to Join a Board of Directors: Reach Out to Executive Search

As we said in Step 3: Your strategic Target Twelve are the most important relationships you want to kindle in your quest. “Susan Stautberg, co-founder of a membership group called WomenCorporateDirectors, said upping the number of female directors will take a combination of outspoken CEOs raising the issue's profile, active… Read more

Beauty & Fashion

Top Fashion Blogs for Women Over 50

Before we share our selections for the top fashion blogs for women over 50, we think it appropriate to explain our mission. PrimeWomen.com was conceived as the response to a world of publications targeting women in their 20s and 30s -women just beginning their careers and finding their way in… Read more


Spring for the STRIPES Fashion Trend

This season, there's a stripe for everyone... In fact, stripes should be considered the newest neutral in your closet! As useful as all the black, white, and basic pieces you've gathered over the years. On one hand, stripes have sailor-style and a playful punch, and yet, they also have a… Read more

Kate’s Journey From Hair Loss to Fuller, Healthier Hair Growth

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