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Make the Commitment: Practice Gratitude to Shape Your Success

As the flight took off that early morning the sky was ablaze in orange, yellow and red. What a stunning way to start my day. This sunrise happens every day, whether I’m ready for it or not. Being ready is the key. I've learned that if I practice gratitude in… Read more


My Hair is Falling Out! What Can I Do?

I was out of town when I received a text message stating a patient needed an urgent return call. I called the patient. The urgent message? “My hair is falling out.” When I saw the patient the following week she explained that when asked if the call was urgent, she… Read more

Family & Friends

Confessions of a Caregiver for Aging Parents: What I Did for Love

Aging Parents I have watched two generations care for their aging parents, so I should have been more prepared. With our empty nest, grown, successful sons, and my ACT II fitness career in full swing, life for us was fast-paced and fun. Then, my seemingly forever young father became so ill he… Read more

Food and Wine

Baked Tomatoes with Puffy Parmigiano Crowns Recipe

If you are looking for something new to add to your Thanksgiving recipe arsenal, try this delicious and easy baked tomatoes recipe with puffy Parmigiano crowns. They're perfect as a colorful side for your dinner. 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 4 large ripe tomatoes, cut in half vertically 2 cloves… Read more

Career & Business

Are You an Influencer? Determining Your “Social Score”

Modern marketing agencies are looking to social media now more than ever as the platform for brand visibility. As a variety of social media platforms expand the reach of their social advertising, professionals across any industry must focus their resources on the methods that best leverage a platform oriented toward… Read more

Food and Wine

Top 9 Wine and Food Pairings for a Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

My inbox is overflowing. All sommeliers get the most questions about wine and food pairings during the holidays. What wines do I serve with my Thanksgiving dinner? I always want to give a satisfying answer, and not frustrate the hosts. Still, I usually say, “It depends.” What are you serving?… Read more


Secret to Touring the Palace of Versailles Grounds

If you travel to Versailles, just 15 miles southwest of Paris, you’ll have multiple sites in the immediate area to visit. The actual Palace of Versailles, or Chateau de Versailles, was established as the main residence for King Louis XIV, who thought the country life of Versailles far preferable to… Read more

Food and Wine

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes – Gingery Pear Cheesecake

Over the next few weeks, we'll be featuring some favorite Thanksgiving recipes from Paula Lambert, stellar cheesemaker, iconic entrepreneur and founder of Mozzarella Company. To begin the series, we thought we'd begin with this dessert that's perfect for your Thanksgiving table. It's the perfect savory/sweet blend. Crust 1-1/2 cups crushed… Read more

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