8 Travel Trends to Know About in 2019

Travel Trends

Travel trends for 2019 are going to be centered on a few creative trends that continue to shape and change the way people look at and experience the world. From tried-and-true travel trends that are getting a fresh twist in 2019 to niche travel that allows a deep immersion into an experience, this year holds the potential to be life-changing.

1. DNA Travel

With the ability to track down your true roots as easily as swabbing your cheek and waiting for the results of your lineage, an ageless travel trend is getting renewed interest. For example, while you might know that your mother’s side of the family hails from different areas in Europe, you might not realize exactly how much one region is involved until you have your DNA analyzed. This information, coupled with social media, can often help you pinpoint exactly where your ancestors lived, worked and played. This makes it simple — and motivating! — to hop on a plane so you can wander the same streets they did. You could even connect with members of your extended family who still live in the area.

2. Micro Travel

2019 will be the year that the micro travel trend will take off in a big way. Instead of vacationing for a week or two and staying in the same locations, more travelers will be trying to squeeze dedicated travel itineraries into shorter time periods. With flight routes becoming better all the time and a desire to squeeze in more experiences into the limited vacation time available, focused travel such as cove-hopping yacht trips and hiking on the Scottish Highlands, will be easier than ever to accomplish during a long weekend.

3. Vineyard Travel

VineyardsWine tours are a mainstay destination for couples and girlfriends alike who want something different than the same old dinner and a movie routine. In 2019, it’s possible to take a love of wine to a whole new level by experiencing some of the world’s finest vineyards. While the southwest of France is known for its extraordinary vineyards — Bordeaux anyone? — others are heading for destinations like Rioja in Spain to fill their vacation days with wine experiences that are sure to delight more than just their taste buds.

4. Pop Culture-Inspired Travel

For fans of such blockbuster shows like Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey, traveling to the same locations where these series are filmed is a fascinating way to really delve deeply into their roots. From trekking to Iceland, Croatia and Spain to experience the shoot locations for Game of Thrones to a guided tour of the Highclere Castle, heading to these exotic locales will be an increasingly popular way to travel in 2019.

5. Non-Tourist Travel

While avoiding the most crowded tourist spots and traveling during off-peak periods aren’t new techniques for steering clear of the beaten path, expect this trend to kick into high gear in 2019. For some travelers, this will be prompted by the realization that such crowds often have a negative impact on the very attractions that bring people to an area in the first place. Others will simply be looking for those destinations and experiences that are out of the ordinary.

6. Solo Travel

Woman HikingGone are the days when solo travel meant that one was backpacking through Europe and couch surfing. These days, solo travelers are just as likely to be joining a tour curated by an agency as they are to be hiking through the wilderness alone. Women in the prime years of their lives are also embracing solo travel with vigor and excitement. Maybe it’s because they are single and don’t have a ready travel companion or perhaps they can’t get their vacation days and interests lined up with their friends or family. Whatever the reason, women who are traveling solo is a trend that will only grow during 2019 and beyond.

7. Calm Travel

For many people, traveling means trying to fit in as many attractions as possible into the short amount of time that they’ll be there. Others, however, are fueling a calming trend in travel that will see a spike in growth during 2019. Whether its luxuriating in the restorative waters of a hot spring or being fully immersed in a yoga retreat, calming travel enables busy and stressed travelers to focus their energies and time on taking care of themselves in a deep and fulfilling way.

8. Active Travel

At the other end of the spectrum from calm travel is travel that focuses on being — and staying — active throughout much of the time. Some people might enjoy exploring Patagonia on foot and sleeping under the stars for a week. For others, hiking the Great Wall of China or taking in the Northern lights while perched atop a bike might be more to their liking.

Whether you’re a trendsetter who’s looking for ideas for your next vacation or you already had some of the above ideas lined up for your bucket list, travel in 2019 will continue to be focused on out-of-the-ordinary experiences and the destinations that provide them.


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