This Isn’t a Crock, It’s a Crockpot!

Crockpot Meals

As the new year is welcomed and we say goodbye to 2018, we can prepare for the days ahead with crockpot meals that are easy, tasty, and under 400 calories!

That’s right! If you are hosting a Super Bowl party or entertaining friends and family, using a crockpot is a great idea. It’s like having an assistant. Stews, fondue or full meals can be prepared ahead of time and serving is effortless.

As we know, it’s good to watch our calorie intake and make a conscientious effort to prepare foods in a nutritional way. One lady I know prepares on Sunday for the week ahead. She fills individual glass containers with nutritious ingredients that will get her family through the week. They’re healthy, packed in glass containers and filled with foods that will benefit her and her family. This can be done using a crockpot!

It’s smart planning. The rewards are tasty food and being proactive about what is being put in our bodies. So many plastic containers are in question these days, due to the materials they are made from and when they’re heated, can pose a concern when certain chemicals leak onto the food.

History of Slow Cookers

Crockpots or slow cookers, have been available for years. An inventor, Irving Nachumsohn, received the patent on January 23, 1940. In the 1970’s, when women began working outside the home, they became popular. They make a fantastic gift idea and are a great tool in the kitchen.

There are many sizes available to choose from; 3.5 quart to an 8 quart. This 2018 list might be beneficial in deciding on a crockpot if you don’t have one.

A Time Saver and Healthy Choice

They’re a wonderful time saver; crockpots eliminate you having to cook after a long day for many people. It’s nice to know dinner is ready and you can relax and eat. By setting the timer before you leave, it will shut off automatically when cooking is complete.

Nutritionally, as we mature, so many of the vitamins and minerals we should be getting, we aren’t receiving from our food because of how food is prepared. 

Delicious Pot Roast Dinner in a Crock PotThe ease of using a crockpot is a benefit because the manner in which the food is cooked is healthy. The range of temperature is 170-280 and direct heat and lengthy cooking and steam make it a safe process for cooking food.

In the future, my goal is making it a point to use the crockpot more. It’s been out of sight, out of mind. My personal favorite recipe in the past was a pork butt with fresh carrots, potatoes, onions and copious amounts of garlic. Pork is lean and the veggies provide vitamins and minerals. The garlic is very beneficial in keeping us healthy as well.

Crockpot Meals Under 400 Calories

The following recipes are from Fix-It and Forget-It Lightly which has many healthy, low fat recipes for your slow cooker.

Fix-It and Forget-It

Lemony Turkey Breast

Fresh Corn Chowder

Italian Chicken Stew

White Chicken ChiliCrockpot-White-Chicken-Chili-Recipe

Loaded with flavor, chicken, chiles, and more…this Crockpot Keto White Chicken Chili Recipe is the perfect simple keto dinner idea to make on a cool weather day! Easy to throw in before work and have dinner ready when you walk in the door…this recipe has it all!

Keto Chicken Parmesan

This Keto Chicken Parmesan Recipe can be made in a slow cooker / crockpot or in the oven! It’s super easy and a perfect low carb dinner idea!

Spicy Chicken with Quinoa

This spicy chicken is flavorful, spicy, and nutritious. Both crockpot and instant-pot friendly and just a great meal for dinner. 


Chicken Curry

This Slow Cooker Chicken Curry is super easy, packed with flavor, and slimming friendly too. A truly no-fuss curry recipe that requires minimal prep and no browning – happy days!

Taco Soup

Looking for a delicious and low-calorie soup recipe? This Slow Cooker Taco Soup is packed with flavor! This healthy and hearty soup can feed a crowd and is a fantastic option for a filling lunch or dinner.

No need to heat up the kitchen when making Easy Slow Cooker Ratatouille. The delicious entree or side dish is loaded with a bounty of fresh vegetables. 

There are more tasty recipes here I found that are under 400 calories! What can I say, I’m a foodie and they all looked good! Share. Share. Share.

I’m looking forward to hearing if you tried and enjoyed one of these delicious crockpot meals. Leave a note in the Facebook comments and if you have a personal preference for a crockpot, please share your recommendations.

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