Best Rosé Wines for the Holidays

Best Rose Wines Feature

The best rosé wines are so adaptable when it comes to the holiday table. They tend to refresh and cleanse the palate, encouraging another bite, rather than sating the palate on their own.

Italian Rosatos are an ideal choice as they are a lighter, leaner, less fruit-forward style. They have naturally high acidity and are typically dry, though we recommend two sweet bubblies to kick things off.

Here are Planet Grape Wine Review’s top picks for the best rosé wines from Italy, based on their great tastes, realistic prices and suitability for your holiday table.

Sweet/Dolce Sparkling


nv Medici Ermete I Quercioli Reggiano Lambrusco Rosso Dolce, $14.99 (88 Points)

Sweet, fleshy and lightly sparkling with notes of cherry, cassis, cinnamon and spearmint.

nv Cavicchioli 1928

nv Cavicchioli 1928 Rose Spumante Dolce Emilia, $18 (89 Points)

Sweet-tart, light and fresh with notes of strawberry and raspberry jam, lily, violet and cotton candy.

Dry Rose/Rosato Secco

2017 Cavit Rose Limited Edition

2017 Cavit Rose Limited Edition Tre Venezie, $8.99 (89 Points)

Light, crisp and dry with notes of raspberry, cream, baklava and rose petal.

2017 Bertani Bertarose Verona

2017 Bertani Bertarose Verona, $14.99 (90 Points)

Light, subtle, tingly and dry Molinara/Merlot with notes of lemon, raspberry, apricot and cherry tomato.

2017 Santi Infiniti Rose

2017 Santi Infiniti Rose Bardolino Veneto, $13 (90 Points)
Bone dry and light with notes of lemon zest, raspberry and sea shell.

2017 Salviano Pinot

2017 Salviano Pinot Nero Rose Umbria, $19.99 (90 Points)
Light, racy and dry with notes of cantaloupe, raspberry and pink rose.

2017 Castello Monaci

2017 Castello Monaci Kreos Negroamaro Rose Salento Puglia, $14 (90 Points)
Light, dry and refreshing with notes of lemon, watermelon, sesame seed and almond skin.

2017 Planeta Rose Sicilia

2017 Planeta Rose Sicilia, $15.99 (90 Points)
Light, subtle, crisp and dry Nero d’Avola/Syrah with notes of pink grapefruit, raspberry and sea salt.

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