To choose amazing magazines for women over 50 takes some narrowing down because there are so many categories. There are nostalgia magazines based on things gone by to help us reminisce about the good old days. There are health and fitness magazines to help us improve our health. Travel magazines to get us dreaming. Other magazines get us thinking about new things, new places, and new recipes. Still, others are about current events, both famous and political. There are plenty of lists out there full of “the best,” but the more I searched, the more I thought about the fact that magazines are like books, it all depends on your interests and frame of mind.

Amazing Magazines

Below is a list of amazing magazines to get you thinking back to magazines by the poolside, waiting to get your hair done or waiting for the doctor. Some are online, and some are both online and in print.

Take Me Back

Several magazines focus on the good old days and times gone by. Reminisce is at the top of most lists, and it features stories from the 1920s through the 1980s.

Help Me Help Myself

Prevention is a magazine that offers the most varied articles on health and wellness. It’s not only focused on senior living, but many of the pieces are ones that are beneficial for any age. It offers information on healthy eating and exercising ideas. It also provides tips on medications. There are articles about news on products we use on our bodies, such as sunscreen and bug repellent. Other parts of the magazine feature personal stories about experiences involving health.

Take Me There

Amazing Magazines-Couple looking at holiday brochures

Travel and Leisure tops the list for travel magazines. It features stories about places all over the world. Although most of the locations listed are for those with a bigger budget for traveling, it does feature descriptions of all sorts of areas of the world. It also features travel tips and suggestions for travel clothing and different types of luggage and bags. It’s A great magazine to get lost in while you are at home.

Take Me Everywhere

I searched for a magazine that covered a variety of subjects deep like “Stop Letting Fear Rule Your Life” and also light “Tips and Hair Advice from Celebrity Stylist Paul Labrecque“, and the best one I found was That may seem like it was a “have to” pick since I’m writing this article for this exact magazine. I honestly couldn’t find another magazine that covered as many topics in as many ways.

Teach Me Something

National Geographic didn’t make the most popular magazine lists that I scanned through, but I couldn’t help adding it to this list. Who hasn’t sat down on the couch at a family gathering and picked up National Geographic planning to “skim it,” only to find oneself reaching for their glasses and turning on the light? Something in one of the articles about a little community or unknown animal got us wanting to read carefully, thinking we might have something to bring up during a lull in the conversation.

Change the Name Already

No list of most popular magazines for seniors would be complete without the trusty AARP magazine. I’ll let you in on a secret and tell you that I didn’t know that when you turned a certain age, that magazine showed up at your door like a birthday gift. I don’t know why, but I’ve always hated the name. Fortunately, I don’t judge a book or a magazine by its cover, so I gave it a look, and it has plenty of good food for thought and entertainment in it.

Summer is upon us, and usually, that means a little more free time. Take a minute and peruse one of these amazing magazines or think about the magazines you used to read and see how they compare to this list. Check out or check-in and enjoy it.


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