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Hundreds of titles are published every year, and we know it can be difficult and challenging to decide which books to read. So to help you get started, we selected ten titles from a list of the “Most Highly Anticipated Books for 2021.”


Nick by Michael Farris Smith       Prequel to The Great Gatsby                      Fiction

Nick Carraway is the narrator of The Great Gatsby and this is his story before the events of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel. Suffering from World War I’s horrors and destruction, Nick embarks on a redemptive journey that takes him to Paris’s glamour and to the decadence of New Orleans in the 1920s. Nick is a very rich and imaginative new novel. Publication Date:  January 5, 2021
The Four Winds by Kristen Hannah              Historical Fiction

The Four Winds is a portrait of America during one of the darkest periods of the Great Depression, the Great Dust Bowl Era. This is an epic novel of love, heroism, and hope in the Texas Panhandle.  A young mother must decide to stay and fight for her land or head west to California, which offers a better life for her family. This is a story of great courage and sacrifice.  Publication Date: February 2, 2021
The Survivors by Jane Harper                           Murder Mystery

The mystery within The Survivors is two-fold.  A new crime blows the dust and cobwebs off an old tragedy twelve years earlier during a fatal storm resulting in the death of two young men at sea and a young woman who went missing.  As the new murder is investigated, questions from the unsolved disappearance come back to the small fishing village.  Publication date:  February 2, 2021
How To Avoid A Climate Disaster: The Solution We Have and Breakthroughs We Need               by Bill Gates                          Environmental Research

How To Avoid A Climate Disaster provides a clear-eyed description of the challenges our world faces today. Bill Gates draws on his understanding of innovation to get new ideas to market.  He lays out a concrete and practical plan for achieving a realistic goal to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. Publication date:  February 16, 2021

Later by Stephen King                    Supernatural Mystery

Later combines a young boy with the ability to see beyond our world, and the strong elements of crime and suspense. Stephen King is the master of mystery writers with a terrifying story of innocence lost and the trials that test our sense of right and wrong.  Powerful and haunting. Publication date:  March 2, 2021


Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro                                    Science Fiction

An artificial intelligence solar-powered robot, Klara, is developed to alleviate the loneliness of adolescence and is purchased by a terminally ill teenager. This is a story of friendship, love, ethics, technology altruism, and being human.  This novel is beautifully written and an unforgettable story.  Publication date: March 2, 2021

The Rose Code by Kate Quinn                                               Historical Fiction

The Rose Code tells the story of how three extraordinary heroines are enigma codebreakers and how they handled the secrecy of Bletchley Park.  It is a story of friendship and love.  After the war is over, they must crack one more code, the Rose Code.  In breaking the code they discover a spy who must be rooted out.  Publication date:  March 18, 2021


A Million Reasons Why

A Million Reasons Why by Jessica Strauser                                Family Drama

Mail-In DNA tests bring two women together and change their lives forever when an emergency kidney transplant is needed.  A Million Reasons Why examines what it means to be family, the depths of a mother’s love, and the limits and power of forgiveness. Publication date: March 23, 2021

Finding Napoleon by Margaret Rodenberg                                Historical Fiction

After tragically losing everything in his world, an exiled Napoleon attempts to write a romantic novel.   Finding Napoleon is a story of his last days on the island of St. Helena, about an ill-fated romance, intrigue, and betrayal. This is an adaptation from the original Napoleon manuscript of 200 years ago. Publication date: April 5, 2021

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir                                Science Fiction

A lone survivor astronaut is the only person who can save Earth from disaster in a last-chance mission. Project Hail Mary is a basic “survival against impossible odds” story with the right amount of tension and drama, heartbreak and hope, and sacrifice without selfishness.  Publication date:  May 4, 2021

We hope you enjoyed this 10 Most Anticipated Books for 2021! Also if you missed last month’s reading list, catch up on Sandy’s Reading Recommendations for December! And if you’d like some extra reading recommendations for the year, bookmark these 10 Books Every Woman Should Read.


The 10 Most Highly Anticipated Books for 2021

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