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Not ready to retire? Find out how other Prime Women are planning, sometimes years ahead, to transition into new careers in their 50s, 60s and even 70s!

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Not ready to retire? Find out how other Prime Women are planning, sometimes years ahead, to transition into new careers in their 50s, 60s and even 70s!

Second Act Careers
Career Transition

Second Act Careers: Work is Not a Place

Moving from an old year into a new one is a good to time to look forward and make plans. Many of us are looking ahead to a major change in our career ... Read More
Retirement Planning Feature
Career Transition

What’s the Plan? Getting Realistic About Retirement

Apparently the last week of October has been designated National Retirement Security Week. For many women, retirement and security are thought of in s... Read More
Career Transition

Second Act: Do You Want Money or Influence?

Okay, you enjoyed a high powered career, but stepped away from the work world for a while.  Maybe you focused time on family, travel -- or just takin... Read More
Career Transition

5 Best Books for a Second Act Career

Do you have a yearning to star in the second act or third act of your professional life? Many women in their prime years decide to make a right turn i... Read More
midlife crisis
Career Transition

Busting Midlife Crisis Myths

Believing in “Middle-Aged Malaise” Can Become a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy If there’s anything that people approaching middle age dread, it’s b... Read More
encore career
Career Transition

Go From Corporate Life to Encore Career in 5 Key Steps

You have spent your life in a corporate career – whether that is private, public or voluntary sector – and had both a clear career path and even c... Read More
second act career ideas
Career Transition

7 Great Second Career Ideas for Women 50 and Over

A second career may be in the cards for you if you are planning on retiring soon or are simply interested in seeing how far you can go in another care... Read More
career transition
Career Transition

Career Transition: Are You Headed in the Right Direction?

Have you ever been in a dilemma about making the “right” decision or going in the “best” direction? I’ve found that when the decision IS rig... Read More
children's books
Career Transition

Writing Her Own Second Act

Getting a children’s picture book published is almost as difficult as winning the lottery, according to an experienced Chronicle Books editor. Those... Read More
skills and talents
Career Transition

Assessing Your Skills and Talents: What Brings You Joy?

If you are looking ahead to what's next in your life, start by assessing your skills and talents. There are dozens of tests that can help. But here... Read More
A portrait of a senior woman
Career Transition

3 Tips for Downshifting into Pre-Retirement

Consciously uncoupling was a word brought to the world by a well-known celebrity to describe the process of separating from her husband. While we may ... Read More
elderly people in a top down car
Career Transition

Retirement Readiness: Mindfulness and Slow Movement

Retirement- a new phase in life, the well-served carrot, or unrelieved boredom? There are so many conflicting views on retirement. As a recent, “ear... Read More