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Thinking about your own business? You’ll find articles from other entrepreneurs who share their experiences and what you need to know to achieve your goals.

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Thinking about your own business? You’ll find articles from other entrepreneurs who share their experiences and what you need to know to achieve your goals.


Life in Post-Brexit Great Britain

I must admit, I am excited about life in Britain post-Brexit. But then again, I am an entrepreneur and have long learnt that change brings opportuniti... Read More
Personal Branding

Going Social With Your Personal Branding

It seems a given that everyone is on social media these days. We know that Millennials, Gen Xers and the up and coming Gen Z “live” on social medi... Read More
Culture Wars Rosie 600x410

Culture Wars: How Are They Impacting Prime Women?

Is that really the question, or is the better question, “How are Prime Women impacting the culture wars?” To even begin to form an answer, you fi... Read More
Starting A Business After 50

Starting A Business After 50 – Just Do It!

Why does anyone start a business? Better yet, why is anyone starting a business after 50? From all the entrepreneurs I have known over the years, it i... Read More
Reinvent Yourself 600x410

To Reinvent Yourself, Start by Saying NO

Every day, we are on a path to reinvention -- whether we realize it or not. Life is not static. It's directional! With each and every decision we make... Read More
Leadership Qualities

Leadership Qualities You Need to Effectively Manage Remote Teams

“Once upon a time, employees did all their work at the office. That’s where the files were (before computers) and the phone was (before cellphone... Read More
Lin O'Neill 600x410-(2)

Entrepreneur Spotlight Interview: Lin O’Neill

My spotlight guest is Lin O’Neill, who after a very varied corporate career starting as a flight attendant and ending up as a HR manager of a Fortun... Read More
board of directors

Board Service: Making the Most of You

Giving of your time and talent to serve on a board of directors for a professional, service or charitable organization can be a rewarding, demanding, ... Read More
Business Blogs

Top 20 Business Blogs for Women Over 50

I recently wrote How to Write an Awesome Business Blog – which triggered a request to give examples of what I think are great business blogs. Be... Read More
Personal Brand

Building Your Personal Brand

A post on LinkedIn caught my attention recently. It is a quote from motivational speaker and entrepreneur Jay Danzie that reads: "Your smile is you... Read More
Becoming An Entrepreneur

Going Solo? 5 Essential Tools for Becoming An Entrepreneur

Are you leaving the corporate nest to go solo? Undertaking a new interest or business venture and becoming an entrepreneur? Here are 5 essential tools... Read More
Margaretta Noonan Feature

Entrepreuneur Spotlight Interview: Margaretta Noonan

The entrepreneur spotlight interview this month is Margaretta Noonan who, after a lengthy talent management career with global Fortune 500 companies, ... Read More