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Thinking about your own business? You’ll find articles from other entrepreneurs who share their experiences and what you need to know to achieve your goals.

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Thinking about your own business? You’ll find articles from other entrepreneurs who share their experiences and what you need to know to achieve your goals.

Maggie Semple

Inspirational Women in Their PRiME: Maggie Semple

We first met Dr. Maggie Semple, OBE, FCGI at the Prime Women Style & Substance event in London during Fashion Week and knew we had to introduce h... Read More

Building Client Loyalty: 3 Strategic Branding Tips for Your Business

1. Know Your Client Intimately Intimately means deeply enough to have more meaningful conversations! Our company is based on the premise that people ... Read More
brand strategy

Brand Strategy 101: Your Company Logo is Not Your Brand

It's probably accurate to say that most business owners think of their brand as the graphical representation or logo that symbolizes their company. In... Read More
lessons for entrepreneurs

3 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from a Female Business Owner

Lessons for Entrepreneurs for Female Business Owners Starting your own business teaches you things you will never learn in a job. I'm going to share ... Read More
Keeping the Faith

Keeping the Faith: How Businesses Succeed with Christian Values

Our PRiME Women partner from across the Pond sent an article that appeared this past Sunday in the business section of London's prestigious The Times,... Read More
women business owners

7-Eleven® Supports Women Business Owners with Franchise Competition

Women business owners make up less than one-third of franchised businesses in the U.S., a statistic 7-Eleven, Inc. would like to see rise. In an ef... Read More
impostor syndrome

Impostor or Superwoman?

A good friend who is very well connected in government, academia and business, who has managed the distribution of billions of dollars, and whose expe... Read More
SEO Do's and Don’ts

The Current Top 3 SEO Do’s and Don’ts

In marketing, it’s always best not to get too comfortable with doing something one way, because before you know it, everything will change. Advancem... Read More
how to become a consultant

How to Become a Consultant in 3 Basic Steps

The old pattern of going from a full time career to 100% leisure is less common today. Currently, the pattern is that you leave your day job (voluntar... Read More
best TED talks

Women Inspiring Women: 5 of the Best TED Talks

Remember the Enjoli commercial? The one where the “24-hour woman” can do it all, most of all, never let her man forget he is a man. Well, today’... Read More
Hiring Talent

Top 10 Secrets of Hiring Talent

If you are getting ready to take your business to the next level, hiring talent can be an exciting, life-changing opportunity. Or it can be a painful,... Read More
Social Media and Politics

Should You Avoid Mixing Social Media and Politics?

Social Media Changes Politics for Better or Worse How Social Media is Ruining Politics Tweeting Their Way into Office There are a multitude of head... Read More