Treggings (trousers + leggings) are a prime wardrobe pick for mature women because they bring a level of versatility to our closets that most clothes don’t offer. They’re comfortable yet stylish and work well with a wide variety of tops and accessories. While some have more of a legging look with a stretchier feel and appearance, others are shockingly similar to a pair of formal trousers that you might wear to the office. Both work well for going out running errands or even for wearing to the office. Paired with a tunic top and some heels, you’ll find you’ve got a lot of options for wearing treggings for work. Here are our favorite pairs in a variety of fabrics, styles, and price points. 

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Skinny Pants Slim Treggings, $19.99

Skinny Pants Slim Treggings

These treggings are naturally breathable, and they’re smooth and fall softly throughout your leg for all-day comfort. 

Ponte Stretch Treggings, $24.00

Ponte Stretch TreggingThese treggings are high-rise and feature a skinny fit. Pair them with a blouse and blazer, and you are ready for work. 

Ponte Treggings, $8.50

Ponte TreggingThese straight-leg treggings are perfect if you travel for work because they are smooth and wrinkle-free! 

Hourglass Ponte Stretch Treggings, $33

Hourglass ponte stretch tregging in blackFor those of you who are a bit body conscious, these are the treggings for you. They are high-waisted and are cut with more room around the hips, so they aren’t quite as tight as other treggings while offering a flattering fit. 

Hourglass High-Waisted Stretch Treggings in Ponte, $33

Hourglass high waisted stretch treggings in ponteThese treggings are also cut with more room around the hips. These are skinny fit, high-waisted, and made with a lightweight fabric for all-day wear. 

Plus-Size Skinny Pants Slim Fit Treggings, $14.95

Plus Size Skinny Pants Slim Fit Trousers TreggingsThese plus-size treggings feature tummy-control sculpting while they lift up your backside. They have extra stretch for comfort and come in multiple prints. 

Ponte Treggings, $19.95+

Ponte TreggingsAnother pair of leggings that feature butt lifting shape control, these treggings are fitted throughout the waist and hip. They will make your business outfit look more chic and sophisticated. 

ShoSho Women’s Plus-Size Slim Fit Treggings, $24.95

ShoSho Womens Plus Size Skinny Pants Slim Fit Trousers TreggingsThese plus-size treggings also sculpt your booty and offer a natural lifting. They are tummy-controlled skinny pants, ready to make you look fabulous for a full day of work. 

The Perfect Pant, Ankle Backseam Skinny, $128

The Perfect Pant, Ankle Backseam Skinny

These treggings will quickly become a go-to in your closet. They have smooth Ponte fabric that is comfortable, and they feature a pull-on design and a sleek look. They have a skinny-leg cut that helps accentuate that beautiful body you have!

Gigi Pants in Ponte, $29.50+

Gigi pant in ponte

These treggings will surely become a core piece in your closet because you can wear them as often as you like, and they won’t fade!

The Stretch Ponte Crop Pant, $39

The Stretch Ponte Crop PantIf you have a new pair of heels you want to show off, these are the treggings for you. They feature a cropped length to make your legs look longer and show off those shoes you love. 

Burgundy Everyday Treggings, $103

Burgundy Everyday Treggings

Burgundy is the perfect color to spruce up the boring black and white workwear. Throw these on with your black blouse or blazer, and you will have a unique style while still looking professional. 

White Ponte Treggings, $19.95+

White Ponte TreggingsThese treggings feature a pull-on elastic high waistband and breathable stretch fabric. The white treggings are the perfect addition to your Spring and Summer wardrobe. 

Stretchy Slim Dress Pants, $29.99

Stretchy Slim Dress Pants

Another sharp pair of treggings, these feature a stretch fit that will hold its shape. They are perfect for the office or an after-work happy hour. 

Hue Women’s Little Black Cropped Treggings, $34.82

Hue Women's Little Black Cropped TreggingsThese pull-on treggings come with a comfortable stretch that will be great to wear from the desk to dinner. 

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