Ruching Feature

The Magic of Ruching

Ways to look pounds thinner and hide those trouble spots quickly!

RuchingMany of the women I work with have two primary concerns when choosing clothing:

  1. How to dress and look pounds thinner
  2. How to hide troubled areas easily, with things that are already in their closet and not having to wear uncomfortable undergarments (more on that in another article)

There are several ways to hide those trouble areas, but my favorite is ruching your clothing (this is where the fabric is sewn and gathered). Just be sure it is subtle, as too much will have the opposite affect and add visual weight. Ruching is universally flattering for everyone and can be easily found in many styles and sizes. Whether it’s to one side, over the torso, running the length of the body or up a sleeve, it not only adds interest and femininity to a garment, it’s pure magic when it comes to hiding trouble spots.

Rolled SleeveMy second favorite trick to looking thinner in seconds is to show off your skinny bits! And yes ladies we all have skinny bits. Wearing or pushing up your sleeve to a ¾ length instantly takes pounds off and as a bonus makes you look taller!

Next, is to emphasize your waist. You can using the ruching method as stated above or simply make sure that you do not have too much excess fabric hanging around your waist. Creating a strong silhouette by wearing tailored to fit clothing, not too big or too tight, will take pounds off instantly and make you looked more polished.

Lastly, avoid external patches, pockets and large scale prints. To create the best visual harmony, you should choose a print size by comparing them to your features. The smaller the scale you are, the smaller the scale of the patterns you should choose. Look at the size of your eyes, apple of cheeks and tip of your nose. Also consider your bone structure and size. The more your reflect what’s naturally you, the more your clothing showcases you, not you showcasing the clothes.

Prime Women welcomes Tara Hooper, owner of the Dallas-based Style Signature and Signature Consulting. Her business helps clients at every age and size look and feel beautiful and stylish- effortlessly through Image Consulting, Personal Styling, Closet Audits, and Professional Development. Learn more about Tara in her video below. 

Stay Stylish

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