Crimson Envy: In Red Hot Pursuit of this Red Fashion Trend

red fashion trend

I am too old for this chase but I can’t help myself. Although my desire is reasonably modest, it has at times been elusive.

Every year or so, a fabulous, must-have color of the moment hits the fashion world. To me, it is the color that EVERYONE is beautifully adorned in for the season. Everyone but me. Somehow, I never seem to spot the trend early and am stuck playing catch-up with only the size two dresses and 6 narrow shoes left to choose from in the stores. And, no, the problem is not that these sizes are too large.

Some might say that when you reach a certain age, your look should be timeless – the pieces you buy should never go out of style. That’s a lovely sentiment and a philosophy that we all aspire to embrace. But to be real, there is still a vain side of me that screams to be “on trend.” Au courant. I want to show the world that I can still be hip and happening; that mama can still be a hot mama when she wants to be. I want to rock that fab color of the moment! First!

The Red Fashion Trend

This season, as my friend Jill would say, I “peeped” the color early. Probably because it is a color I have long adored. The names within the red fashion trend vary greatly depending on how you see color, but every derivation has a deliciousness to it: crimson…  garnet…  burgundy… ruby red… wine…  pomegranate…  cabernet… dark currant… merlot… No matter what you call this season’s color, I want it.

red fashion trend
Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Velvet Boots, $558.60

After watching my sad, crimson-envy moment over her Stuart Weitzman scarlet dark red over-the-knee suede boots, my friend, Veronica, sends me out in search of my own pair.

This is when I meet my soul mate. No, not the actor Boris Kodjoe, but an equally fetching port colored suede, knee-high boot named Addison. The lovely Addison provides me the added bonus of a block heel allowing me to double dip in the “on trend” pond. Love, love, love at first sight! An early bird shopper (today, me!) always finds her size 10s in stock. I do my little sashay, shimmy dance in the mirror to confirm how Addison looks in action. Fabu-lous! My feet could pass for size 8, a size I have not seen since 8th grade. After receiving several compliments from other shoppers, my heart is aflutter as I whip out my credit card and in the words of Beyoncé, put a “ring” on that boot.

My euphoria lasts for about 12 hours. I don’t fall out of love. It’s the opposite. I want to solidify our newfound relationship. There is much work to be done and I am feeling the pressure.

In the world of fashion, a soul mate has to have playmates, right? Otherwise, the soulmate is hanging out in your closet all by its lonesome with no one compatible to partner with for an outing. I need to find some fun playmates for my new soulmate fast. My time is tight though and I don’t have hours to wander through stores and run the risk of leaving empty handed. Being “on trend” is a time sensitive occasion.

I need a place with a wide selection, long hours, clothes with personality, so I head to place where I am welcomed at any hour, wearing anything. Online! In pajamas with laptop and a glass of Pulenta Estate Gran Malbec X (perfect color) by my side, I hunker down for a marathon session. I filter my search to all things red. Crimson, merlot, cabernet, aubergine —  Come out, come out, wherever you are!  I click, I zoom in. I watch the models twirl in five-second video clips, which is helpful to those of us with a little more junk in the trunk because you get the rear view.

When in doubt, I buy multiples sizes of the same piece. I am playing to win. And, returns are easy.

Click. Click. Red fashion trend items fly into my cart.

Eileen Fisher Velvet Kimono-Sleeve dress in “Hibiscus”

Great with boots or leggings!

red fashion trend
Eileen Fisher Easy Velvet Kimono-Sleeve Dress, $338

Milly Natalie Tie-Waist Wide-Leg pants

Chic and elegant! Wearable with boots or strappy heels.

red fashion trend
MILLY Italian Cady Natalie Pants, $395

Elie Tahari Faya sleeveless silk blouse with leather collar in “Electric Magnolia”

Wonderful pops of color to go with all shades of crimson, burgundy and pomegranate!

red fashion trend
Elie Tahari Faya Electric Silk Blouse, Now $148.80

Nanette Lepore Ruby Sleeveless A line lace cocktail dress with sequins

The lace makes it on trend X 2!

red fashion trend
Nanette Lepore Ruby Floral Dress, $648

Alice and Olivia Velvet pants in “wine”

Wine is the new black!

red fashion trend
Alice + Olivia Stacey Slim High-Rise Velvet Ankle Pants, $285

Eileen Fisher Ultrafine Merino Long Cardigan in hibiscus

red fashion trend
Eileen Fisher Ultrafine Merino Long Cardigan, $298

Great to pair with leggings or jeans and my Addison boots!

Two hours later, with an empty wine glass by my side, all is well in my closet. Life is beautiful. I like this feeling of belonging to the in crowd, the inner circle, the secret society of crimson-wearing women of discriminating taste who embrace this red fashion trend.

It’s going to be a BERRY special holiday season!

Find the Tory Burch Addison Boot in the featured image at the following locations:




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