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3 Solutions for Fading Eyebrows

As we get older, we can fall victim to fading eyebrows as they get lighter or turn gray. We might have plucked out a few here and there, but it’s not a good idea, as we will wind up with none! So, what are the options for defining brows, covering the gray and coloring them to match our hair color?

Options for Fading Eyebrows

Brow Tint: Brow tints are water-based and typically attached to a mascara-type applicator. They come in shades of blond, taupe, brunette, auburn and gray. It’s best to apply them to the eyebrow hair and not on the skin. Lightly apply the tint in the opposite direction of how the hair grows, then blend with a brow brush. It’s water resistant and will not run or smudge. This is a great, quick fix that does not involve a pencil or brush, or skill in drawing on the line. It’s often a great beginner product for brow definition. These tints can also be used to cover gray hair on your head. Just apply the color at the root, then comb it through your hair. It’s the best quick fix until you get to your colorist!


Brow Wax: This is a blend of wax and a creamy powder that applies color naturally and stays all day. It’s a little easier to control over using a straight brow powder, as the texture is creamy. It’s best to use a stiff angle brush that is not too long (about 1/8 “). With the brush, outline on top of the brow with long straight lines, then underneath; after that, blend or fill in between the lines. Brow wax comes in similar colors as the brow tint: blond, taupe, auburn, dark ash and platinum.

Eyebrow Tip: How to draw your eyebrow shape? Place a brush vertically on the outside of your nose. Following this point directly up, is where your eyebrow should start. Then, place your brush on a diagonal starting from the outside corner of your nostril, extending to the outside crease of your eye. This is the place where your eyebrow should end. Place your brush directly above the end of your outer pupil and straight above is where the high point in your arch should be.

Brow Powder: This is similar to the wax, but the without the slip of the creamy wax. Again, use a stiff angle brush a little longer (about 1/4″) and outline the top of the brow, then under the brow and fill in with brush. I always recommend BLENDING with a brow groomer brush so it looks natural. We want to define the brows, but do not want to look harsh.

It’s often hard to find the perfect color for your brows, especially if you are gray. And gray has become a more popular trend. In general, a taupe color for your brows is a good choice, even if you are a darker brunette. Black or Deep Brown can be too severe.


Take a look. Do you have fading eyebrows? Make sure they are defining you! Think of it as putting a frame on a picture; it pops the inside photo – and your brow shape and color will pop your eyes!











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