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One of my favorite things to do is get my hair done. I really love my hairdresser – we have a lot of things in common and can get lost in conversation while she works to beautify me and fix my roots. We tend to spend the entire time catching up on kids, trips, work, and life in general, and I always love the way I look when she gets finished. The fact that I can never (NEVER) make my hair look as good as she does bothers me a little bit, but there’s nothing she can do about that short of coming by my house every morning and giving me a hand.

A few months back, I went in for my routine cut and color and was lamenting that my hair looked greasier than usual. My natural color is pretty dark, and I like to lighten my hair to more of a blonde, so greasy roots tend to spotlight any regrowth I’ve experienced and cause my hair to look pretty rough. She suggested I start using a specialty clarifying shampoo to strip out any extra chemicals and greasy buildup. I thought it would be nice to start fresh after getting my hair touched up, so I grabbed a bottle on the way home and got to work.

One thing she’d failed to mention is that I shouldn’t use the new shampoo every day, and within a couple of weeks, I noticed that the amount of hair I was losing in the shower was getting pretty dramatic. I’m talking a handful every time. I don’t typically wash my hair every day, so at first, I assumed it was natural hair loss, but it soon became obvious that it was a big problem. My already thin, fine hair was literally going down the drain, and I needed to do something to get back on track.

Hair thinning or hair loss around face

First things first

What to do? Start with the obvious. I called her and asked for assistance, and she told me if I was going to use a clarifying shampoo stick to once a week to try to avoid any hair loss issues. That was an easy fix, though to be honest, I stopped using it entirely for the first few months. Even now, I only use it when I’m starting to look greasy again, and I try to resolve it with a washing or two. Also, note that not everybody will experience hair loss like I did; I think it’s just the makeup of my very delicate hair that caused my issues. Lucky me, right?  

Not Enough.

While ending the process of excess hair loss in my situation was an easy fix, I didn’t immediately notice any new hair growth. Let me emphasize here that I have very thin hair, so losing any was somewhat catastrophic. I began to research possible treatments to aid in hair growth and started by asking my beautician if she had any suggestions. She told me she’d seen great results with other clients (including her aging grandmother) that had tried SottoPelle® Supplements Hair Repair Formula. I was intrigued and asked for some basic information to get started.

It turns out it’s a supplement you can take each day that aids in hair regrowth and actually stops the loss of hair. I was in the habit of taking biotin gummies every day, but it didn’t seem to be making any difference, so I wanted to make sure this wasn’t going to be more of the same.

So, it was time to do some real research. Because when it comes to my hair, I didn’t have any time to waste. And when it comes to my wallet, I didn’t want to throw good money at an ineffective product. I think both thoughts are pretty universal.

SottoPelle® – Why it works

Saw Palmetto Supplements Spilled from a Bottle

What I found in my research was encouraging. It has a proprietary blend of ingredients that can help pause the biological processes associated with hair loss and can help supply the essential nutrients to support healthy hair growth at the cellular level. Biologically speaking, you lose your hair when naturally occurring testosterone converts into DHT, which binds to the scalp’s receptor cells and disrupts the hair growth cycle. SottoPelle® Hair Repair Formula’s primary ingredient, Saw Palmetto, can inhibit specific enzymes and ultimately help block excess DHT from forming on the scalp, keeping the hair growth cycle intact. At the same time, its other key components are working to enhance the Saw Palmetto’s action. Elements such as d-Biotin, Zinc, Selenium, and Chrysin stimulate scalp health, supply a steady stream of essential nutrients, and promote an environment that can inhibit hair loss and encourage new growth.

Wow. It sounded like a product that had been built using proven research and designed using thinking that was outside of the status quo of hair growth products. Even better? While I would expect a product like this to cost an arm and a leg, it was surprisingly reasonable. At just under $20 a bottle for a 60-day supply, I couldn’t find any reason not to act quickly and get the regrowth process started.

The Results?

Woman with thick hair smiling at self in mirror

Finding yourself facing hair loss of any sort – especially when you have handfuls coming off in the shower – can be somewhat traumatic. I’m lucky that I could find the cause and stop the damage as quickly as possible, but I still had to face the consequences: thinner hair, less robust ponytail, lowered self-esteem. With SottoPelle Hair Repair Formula, I’m seeing new growth and am very encouraged by the results that I’m experiencing. It’ll take a while to get it past the new growth stage that is just delightful, but there’s hope. With the new growth, I find myself feeling more optimistic about my hair and am encouraged by the thought of having thicker, fuller hair in the near future.Stop hair loss in its tracks


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