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Re-Thinking Your Hairstyle Post-Shelter in Place

As parts of America opens up again there are still many of us locked away safely at home. Salons are closed, and we are still having to deal with all that we took for granted before the #stayathome confinement. Root regrowth and grown out haircuts are the major problems that haunt us daily as we look in the mirror for the woman we once resembled. How best to deal with this? Post-shelter-in-place may be the best time to try out new hairstyles and colors.

Think Positively

Maybe at present, you have 2-inch regrowth of white roots. Have you ever considered growing out your regrowth but never before had the courage or even the opportunity to do so? Then maybe now is the time. There is ample enough regrowth after 2 months of lockdown to use as the base color. A good colorist would simply strip and remove old color then tone and blend with platinum blonde shades so as the tone on tone is a gradual grow away. In most cases, this is a lengthy procedure and in some cases a complicated one. If in the chair of a confident colorist, the results will be a life changer and a big investment saved on future root retouches.

gray blend - New Hairstyles for Post Shelter in PlaceWith grown out haircuts, you have hopefully found your way with smart headbands, low ponytails and hairpins to cover up what is now disheveled hair. Now with extra length in your hair, it may be time to consider a complete change of haircut or hairstyle. Do your homework first though by taking along a photo of a cut that excites you and will speak a thousand words to your hairdresser. Pinterest is an excellent guide to look for your new haircut or hairstyle.

new cut - New Hairstyles for Post Shelter in PlaceI hope you have all taken the time to nurture your hair and perhaps even embraced your natural textured hair. I’m sure if you have done this, you may wish to have this alternative style to venture out of doors with, especially as summer is on the horizon. Natural waves and curls can be very flattering especially when the hair is well nourished. There is no secret, nourished curls deliver well-behaved curls and much less frizz.

embrace your natural texture - New Hairstyles for Post Shelter in Place

So my suggestion to you is to think carefully about your hair in the coming weeks. Use this time of regrowth and nurturing to your advantage post-shelter-in-place by testing new hairstyles. Google hairstyle ideas also hair color ideas, then on returning to your stylist’s chair, you will have some images to show to get your stylists to firstly advise you on then entice them into transforming your new look.

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