6 Ways to Style an Inverted Bob for Thick Hair

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There are so many takes on the classic bob haircut that you may be wondering which one is best for you and your thick locks. Do you go with a more unconventional asymmetrical bob? What about a chic, understated French bob? Is a bob too short for you? Will thicker hair be hard to manage in a bob?

For women with thick hair, an inverted bob is a flattering, easy cut that, with minimal styling, can look effortlessly put together. Styles range from dramatic and chic to fun and tousled and everywhere in-between. Read on for details on why this popular haircut is one of the best ‘dos for anyone considering a bob style, and find six ways to style an inverted bob for thick hair.

What is an Inverted Bob, Anyway?

This look goes by many names, so you may have heard of the cut referred to as an A-Line, a stacked bob, a graduated bob, or even a swing cut. While these cuts may all have slight differences if we want to split hairs, they share a common, defining look. Essentially, layers are stacked in the back so that hair is shortest there and gradually longer by your face, usually stopping somewhere between chin and shoulder-length at the longest layer.

There is a ton of room for flexibility with an inverted bob, making it customizable to almost any hair type. However, thick hair will really shine with the inverted bob cut because it shows off that natural body and volume. You can play around with length, shape, and styling to find the very best result for your face shape and lifestyle. Now, check out these six ways to style an inverted bob for thick hair.

1. Smooth and Sleek with Bangs

Bobby-feathered Graduation

How To Wear A Bob 5 Ways |

This look is show-stopping with a slightly longer inverted bob that hits right about shoulder level, give or take. Blow out thick hair with a round brush for just enough body and the crown and straighten it into a sleek finish, using a hair serum for extra gloss. The movement and multitude of layers will be gorgeous in this shiny, sophisticated look.

2. Curly and Tousled

How To Wear A Bob 5 Ways |

While it’s true bobs are often associated with straight hair, women with curly hair can also get in on the inverted bob action. The more extreme layers in the back allow curls to take center stage instead of being hidden under one hair length. This helps reduce the fluff commonly referred to as “triangle hair” that many women with shorter curly hair battle and instead offers a pretty layering effect.

3. Short Pixie Length

Pixie inverted bob haircut

Do you prefer to go very short? An inverted bob can still work for you! Layers in the back can begin right at the nape of the neck—sometimes with shaving and building up from there. Often, with the pixie cut, you may only choose to go as long as chin length with a side-swept bang and keep all the rest of your layers shorter. This is a great look for thick hair because it stacks so effortlessly and you won’t need to put too much effort into styling this cut.

4. Steep Angled Bob

Victoria Beckham Inverted Bob Haircut

While all inverted bobs are, by definition, shorter in the back and longer around the face, you can vary the level of inverting to suit your preference. Some cuts just barely show off a few layers in the back. However, opt for a very steep angle, going from a very short back layer and sharply angling to slightly past the shoulder for a more high-drama look. This look is edgy and eye-catching!

5. Choppy Inverted Bob

Cameron Diaz Bob Haircut

Taylor Swift Inverted bob haircut

Using rougher, choppy layers is a playful way to add visual interest to an inverted bob haircut. While some bobs play up sleekness, this look plays up slightly irregular choppy pieces of hair that create an effortlessly cool, “I woke up like this” kind of look. Thick hair does great in choppy layers and has enough texture to be ideal for this fun hairstyle. Play around with adding a texturizing cream or spray to achieve the full effect.

6. The Middle Part

Katie Holmes short bob haircut

Styling an inverted bob with or without bangs and a middle part is a bold look that will draw attention. The two face-framing hair pieces should be exactly the same length with a clean center part, and for this look, you only need a slight angle up to the shortest back layer. This is an excellent option for someone who is hesitant about adding too many short layers around the back and great for naturally thick, straight hair as there is almost no styling required to pull off such a stand-out look.


As you can see, the sky is the limit when making an inverted bob work for you and your thick hair. Consider things such as face shape, lifestyle, time spent styling, etc., before choosing the perfect inverted bob style. Do you prefer to air dry and have some curl to your hair? The more tousled look would be a stunner. Do you prefer to keep some length but want to mix up a boring cut? A steep angled inverted bob is sure to turn heads!

Use these six ways to style an inverted bob with thick hair as a starting point for your perfect bob, and don’t be afraid to play around with a variety of styles. Dramatic and bold, minimal and effortless, cute and playful, super short or even shoulder length—an inverted bob can achieve any of these and more. Inverted bob cuts are such a popular look for a good reason, and it’s sure to be a great match for your thick hair!

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