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right bra after fifty
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Finding the Right Bra After Fifty

Puberty, pregnancies, weight fluctuations and menopause can wreak havoc on women's breasts and can cause most women to change bra sizes at least five times in their lives; therefore, finding the right bra after fifty can be a challenge. It’s no secret your face loses elasticity with age; and consequently,… Read More
  • Dawnielle Robinson-Walker |
  • July 21, 2016
Unhealthy Diet Foods 2

7 Surprisingly Unhealthy Diet Foods

If you think these surprisingly unhealthy diet foods are helping you reduce fat and calories, you might want to think again. Turkey bacon: Considered a lower-fat, healthier alternative to pork, turkey bacon has become a staple in many households. Obviously not bacon, mechanically-separated turkey parts are ground together, shaped, colored and… Read More
  • Dawnielle Robinson-Walker |
  • July 11, 2016
Sugar Bombs

Sugar Bombs and How to Avoid Them

Avoiding hidden sugar bombs in manufactured foods is almost impossible -- sugar is a necessary evil in food production. It is the ultimate sweetener, flavor enhancer, texturizer, and preservative. Arm yourself against sugar bombs by learning their secret names, reading food labels and making smarter choices. We've all protested the communal… Read More
  • Dawnielle Robinson-Walker |
  • July 7, 2016

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