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Finding a great pair of shoes that are not only comfortable but also stylish can be a bit tricky. Sure, there are many comfy options, but they typically come at the expense of looking good. Because we spend a good part of our days up and moving around, it’s essential to have a pair of shoes that keep our feet in top shape while supporting the rest of our body in the process. After testing out various brands over the years, I think I’ve finally settled on a winner: FitVille.

Origin Story

If you haven’t heard of FitVille, I’m not really surprised. They’re a relatively new company, but their origin story is a familiar one. Founded in Texas in 2018, FitVille is an ergonomic footwear company with a mission to enhance the footwear experience. The company was inspired by the founder’s passion for running – particularly after he found how hard it was to find the best-fitting shoes on the market. And with that spirit of inquiry and innovation, the FitVille journey began.

FitVille’s vision is to help everyone enjoy a healthy lifestyle while adhering to three core concepts: therapeutic, comfort, and support technology. They design shoes with the belief that a good pair of shoes can change your life because they allow you to live pain-free and empower you to reach your goals. It makes sense, really. If your shoes aren’t comfortable, you won’t want to get out and get active, and if you’re living a sedentary lifestyle, you aren’t living your best (or healthiest) life.

Knowing the importance of a great pair of shoes, the design team has worked to find a style and design that will work for anyone – especially mature women. We’re up and about and on the go, and we don’t have time to stop and adjust an ill-fitting shoe. So here are some of the top options they have available, and if you use code P18, you’ll get 18% off your purchase! 

Summer Fashion

FitVille Summer Sandals

Finally, summer is still in full swing, and there’s no time like the present to indulge in a pair of fashionable summer sandals. The shoes in FitVille Women’s summer collection are designed with charming style and feet-loving comfort. Their high-quality soles and lining materials, as well as the low and flat heel height, will bring you the utmost comfort without eliminating fashionable elements. Keep it comfortably cool this summer with FitVille Women’s shoes! Plus, they’re 40% off now – so you get fashion, comfort, and savings!

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5 Great Sneakers from FitVille

1. FitVille Rebound Core Wide Walking Shoes

FitVille Rebound Core Wide Walking shoes

When it comes to a great pair of walking shoes, it’s hard to beat FitVille’s Rebound Core. Designed specifically for people who have wide feet or foot problems, they apply a wide-toe box design and patented PropelCoreTM sole to offer maximum comfort and top stability. You’ll also find reduced friction between your foot and the shoe because of the combination of the wide toe box and the high instep design. These patented dual-density soles bring your feet both arch support and unprecedented cushioning comfort to keep you going strong mile after mile.

If you have to stand for long periods of time or find yourself getting in a lot of steps each day, this will be the perfect pair of shoes for you. On top of that, the shoes will reduce pain if you have foot problems and have difficulty taking walks – allowing you to get back to an active lifestyle.

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2. FitVille Stride Core Wide Running Shoes

FitVille Stride Core Wide Running shoes

As mentioned earlier, FitVille was started because the founder couldn’t find a great-fitting pair of running shoes. So, it’s no surprise that they have a number of great running shoes available that are designed to challenge everything you know about running shoes in general. For example, the Stride Core wide running shoes create something with unprecedented comfort and are sure to replace your past favorites.

FitVille Stride Core excels in shock absorption to provide maximum comfort and has a light, breathable knit upper to give maximum breathability. The patented PropelCoreTM soles create a comfortably firm foundation while hugging your heels to more evenly distribute the impact of each step. This makes FitVille Stride Core the perfect trainer to deliver dynamic heel, ankle, and arch support.

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3. FitVille Amadeus Wide Tennis & Pickleball Court Shoes

FitVille Amadeus Wide Tennis & Pickleball Court Shoes

My favorite daily activity is taking my dog for a long walk around the neighborhood. It allows me to get fresh air and a little exercise with my favorite furry friend. But I also love a great game of pickleball. I played a lot of tennis growing up, and while I still hit the tennis court on occasion, pickleball has really become a passion of mine, and I have a little group I play with several times a week. Finding a great pair of pickleball shoes proved to be harder than finding playing companions, so I was delighted to see that FitVille has an option.

The FitVille Amadeus wide tennis and pickleball shoes incorporate all the functional attributes required for peak sporting performance. With a fresh perspective on contemporary tennis shoes, they offer cool styles with black, white, orange, and khaki colorways.

Designed for professional and recreational tennis players, the FitVille Amadeus features a torsion-resistant and enhanced non-slip design. This allows you to walk and play tennis freely on all kinds of surfaces, as well as go for the kill shot without having to worry about slipping and falling.

Like FitVille’s other popular models, their tennis shoes include a wide-toe box to provide a roomy and cushioning experience for those with wider feet.

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4. FitVille Fresh Core Wide Running Shoes

FitVille Fresh Core Wide Running shoes

Most of us have gone out shopping for running shoes only to find a million options on the market. That’s because there really isn’t one pair that suits every need and foot type. So while the Stride Core is the perfect option for many, you might find that the FitVille Fresh Core wide running shoes are the better option for you.

Inspired by the Fibonacci Sequence, the Fresh Core wide running shoes bring comfort and aesthetics to each stride. The construction of mesh fabric and plotting grid patterns demonstrate a unique beauty. The breathable, flexible knit upper protects your foot, offering a comfortable and flawless fit, and the cushioned midsole and softly padded tongue enhance the comfort. This is the shoe that will help you love your run from start to finish.

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5. FitVille BriskWalk Wide Recovery Slip-On Shoes

FitVille BriskWalk Wide Recovery Slip-On Shoes

During pregnancy, I found that getting my shoes laced up each morning became increasingly difficult, and that’s when I started wearing slip-on shoes. I’ve struggled to find pairs that are fashionable and comfortable, and that’s where FitVille’s BriskWalk collection really shines. They stretch, flex, and bend in every direction with the lightweight support of grippy non-slip outsoles and a stretchable upper. Plus, they ensure an easy-on style and snug fit with a contoured, cushioned footbed and arch support. They’re comfortable, convenient, and look pretty cool all at the same time. Not bad for a shoe.

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Have wide feet? Try FitVille Shoes, they've got shoes specifically for wide feet


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