Favorite Yoga Poses: Awaken Your Inner Beauty with the Tree Pose

favorite yoga poses

The Tree Pose is one of my favorite yoga poses because it brings a sense of strength from deep within, yet at the same time allows me to be totally free. It is a playful, happy pose that always makes me smile.

Favorite Yoga Poses: the Tree Pose
“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” ~ Rumi

As we learn to stabilize our Tree Pose and focus on the breath we become more balanced physically, mentally and emotionally. We grow confidence, which allows us to explore our hidden passions and expand our horizons. The pose becomes an expression of our strength and beauty. We start to embrace the bliss within and let it radiate out. This radiance then reaches out through the branches of life and begins to touch others. We organically blossom.

Start with where you are today

Slip on your comfy capris, throw on your favorite T-shirt and try out one of the favorite yoga poses. Lift your heart and let your branches gently blow in the wind. Just as in life, you may wobble and lose your balance, but simply pause and begin anew. Take a moment to establish a firm stance, reach deep into the depths of your core, gather your inner strength, breathe, move forward with ease and let your magnificence grow.

Master the Tree Pose:

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Favorite Yoga Poses: the Tree Pose

Favorite Yoga Poses: the Tree Pose


Place your right hand on a chair for balance and stand tall with your second toes facing forward.

Place the left foot on the right lower leg or inner thigh (avoid the knee joint). Press the foot into the leg and the leg into the foot.

Ground down through the right foot (imagine the inner anklebone lifting all the way to your pelvic floor).

Secure the right thighbone into the hip socket (avoid locking the knee joint). Hug the thigh muscles to the bone.

Draw the navel upward and inward and the low ribs inward. Lift the heart. Widen the collarbones and let the shoulder blades relax down your back.

Let the crown of the head float upward. Keep your chin parallel to the floor. Gaze outward and downward. Focus on a smooth flow of breath.

Left arm extends upward. Lighten the grip on your right hand or extend the right arm up.

Refrain from letting the right hip collapse outward; draw everything from the periphery of the body inward. Let your inner source of power embody the pose. Feel yourself strong and rooted like the mighty oak. Let your branches open to the sky.

Breathe in all the magnificence and allow every vein to fill with light. Smile in Happy Tree Pose.

Make the Tree Pose one of your favorite yoga poses for a boost of confidence and awaken your inner beauty.