Found Your New Favorite Sweater – Baby Alpaca & Reversible

Reversible Baby Alpaca sweater by Peruvian Connection

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We all have closets full of sweaters we want to love. And then there is the one you want to live in. This is that sweater. And guess what? Because it’s reversible — looking totally different but gorgeous on each side — you could wear it twice in one week and no one would ever know. I’ve never had a baby Alpaca sweater before, and honestly, this one is so soft I’m hooked for life.

Are all baby alpaca sweaters this cozy? It seems pretty rare. This one comes from Peruvian Connection. It definitely appears their process is special, which was a necessity because no matter how luxurious it is, I would only purchase if the animals are treated right. Their alpaca is sourced from small-scale herdsman in the Peruvian highlands and then hand-harvested.

This baby alpaca sweater is to dye for. geometric print on one side of the reversible tunic sweater

Actually there is a list of reasons I feel good about this purchase, besides the fact that I’m crazy about the sweater:

I almost didn’t even order this, because I am super sensitive to wool. The slightest percentage usually makes me itch, but after wearing for a full day, I only experienced the softness.

geometric pattern of the second side of the super soft sweater
The front side of the Thea Reversible Pullover.

In the midst of all the gushing about how cozy this baby alpaca sweater is, I haven’t even gotten to how pretty it is. It truly is stunning. On both sides! Those jewel tones have deep rich color. Every time I wear it, people stop me. And because of the mix of colors, it goes with much in my closet – maxi skirts, colored denim or dress slacks in teals, mustards, rusts and burgundies. The other picture is a woman who was visiting and just wanted to try it on.

Jewel Tone colors of one side of the sweater by Peruvian Connection
The reverse pattern on the Thea Reversible Pullover.

Size-wise, it’s slightly on the large side, but I personally like my sweaters to have plenty of room. The v-neck, bell sleeves and tunic length make it figure-flattering as does that x pattern, which I find to be pretty uncommon for something so comfortable. You’d expect this sweater to be heavy, but actually it’s quite light.


Ok, now that I’m a fan of the baby alpaca sweater, I immediately went to see what else they had. The coats are to die for along with a sweet capelet. But the simple pullovers, made of royal alpaca which is their ultimate grade of alpaca, are what I’ll start collecting first. Because when it gets colder, I only want soft things against my skin. I may even treat myself to socks. Can you imagine how plush they must feel?The jewel toned sweater from Peruvian Connection is sumptuously soft.

They are currently celebrating 40+ years of creating sumptuous clothing from baby alpaca. I find the prices to be very reasonable for how well their clothing is made. You’ll be able to wear the pieces forever. And in the case of this sweater, you get two for the price of one.

Resist if you like. But the first time you put this baby alpaca sweater on, you too will be trying to order every item they have in the fiber.

I’m wearing the Thea Reversible Pullover in XL. I’m 5’ 10’ and size 14. My friend is 5’ 6” and a much smaller size, but wearing my XL.

You can buy it here, but I’m told they have limited stock.



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