3 Tips for Downshifting into Pre-Retirement

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Consciously uncoupling was a word brought to the world by a well-known celebrity to describe the process of separating from her husband. While we may have all chuckled, consciously deciding to make a transition vs. being the passive recipient of a life change is an empowering way to own a situation!

In that same vein, there is a time when many professionals decide to consciously and purposefully step away from their current full-time career to enter a phased retirement stage. The reasons seasoned professionals decide to strategically seek alternative work options are as varied as the options of opportunities available.

3 Ways to Enter Into Pre-Retirement

So, whatever the reason is for you, if you are seeking to consciously downshift your career and pursue a lighter workload while remaining relevant in the workforce, we have a few tips that are sure to empower you during this phased retirement stage:

Tip 1: Change Your Existing Role from Full-time to Part-time

Employers want to keep good workers and it is expensive to train new ones. There is a good chance you can build a solid case with your current supervisor to transition into a part-time role. First, figure out the advantage this provides to the employer, and then, how the workload can be managed in less hours or redistributed. Creating a solid plan and selling the advantages can open the dialogue to successfully start your phased retirement while still providing value to the company.

Tip 2: Follow your Bliss

Talents come in all forms and are gifts that express your true nature. When used to help others, they enhance the surrounding community and give meaning to life. Your unique talent coupled with hard-earned wisdom and experience is valuable. For instance, if you have an interest in living a healthy lifestyle, this could translate into nutrition consulting services. Enjoying money management and helping others find financial freedom? Then you could just be the talent that a CPA or wealth management would love to have on call for busy times. The point here is to discover a talent that can be used to elevate others. Turn it into a career you love and this, in turn, will bring meaning to your life. Follow your bliss!

Tip 3: Join the Gig Economy

First, identify your strengths and match these strengths to the skills needed for jobs in the new world of work known as the “gig economy,” the “sharing” or “on demand” economy. This is a new line of work that involves online intermediaries connecting independent workers with customers. There are hundreds of online platforms focused on everything from ride-sharing to legal services, consulting, healthcare and freelance marketing. So, there really is a good chance you can find gig work that fits your unique interests and expertise. A few of our favorite online services that match up “sharing” or “on demand” services include Upwork, Take lessons or Thumbtack.

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” – Charles Dederich

Be brave! There is always a way to change your life situation to accommodate a new way of living. Explore all your options for phased retirement, find out what works for you as you consciously uncouple from your current full-time role, and go for it!

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