Business Apps That Make Second Acts A Breeze

Business Apps

Are you launching a second act of your career?

Here are 10 top business apps that will make it a breeze.

LinkedIn logo

This is the Big Daddy of the business apps for connecting in the business world. Make sure your personal profile aligns with your new direction. No need to follow the resume template if you are seeking client connections rather than traditional job opportunities. Consider creating a business page, as well. Share updates and publish posts regularly to position your new endeavors.

Facebook Logo

If LinkedIn is a business meeting, Facebook is like a Starbucks of the business apps, according to social media guru Shama Hyder. You can be more informal. Friendlier. Show a bit more of yourself. You can have a personal page as well as a professional page to differentiate. If you are business developing on both sides of the aisle, probably wise to keep political opinions to yourself.

Twitter Logo

Think of Twitter as a book club — or a social/intellectual salon. Share snippets on business, media, entertainment, books. You can build a strong communications channel here. Take a cue from someone strategic and successful in your space to explore the perfect fit for you.  Then incorporate your own personality, positioning and purpose.

Instagram Logo

Pinterest Logo

InstagramPinterest, et al
If you are in a B2C second act, particularly with a visual offering such as interior design, you will likely incorporate a presence here. If you are B2B, more important to get mastery in LinkedIn, then expand into other social media platforms.

Hootsuite Logo

A SuperApp that helps you manage and schedule your messaging across multiple social media apps.

WordPress Logo

The default platform for website design and blogging. Very easy for non-techies to post and update content.  Start with a professional design.


An on-line filing system — your personal digital workspace where you can aggregate your notes, ideas, links or any other type of content, with an option to share with others in a workgroup.

QuickBooks Logo

The go-to accounting program for small business.  Confer with your CPA.


If you are selling professional services, tracking your time is critical — whether you are charging by the billable hour or per project.  Also relevant if you are creating art, jewelry, fabric or any other type of tangible output that you sell or license if you are interested in evaluating productivity — beyond the joy of creating!


The best traffic buster app. Scope the route before you go. Get to meetings, appointments on time!


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