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The Holiday Newsletter: Has Happiness Become a Contest?

Please raise your hand if you get at least one holiday newsletter from a family member or friend. Thank you. You may lower your hand. Now, choose one of the following. Upon receiving this newsletter you: A. Read it all, tears rolling down your face as you weep with joy… Read more

Family & Friends

Don’t Erase It, Embrace It: 3 Ways to Celebrate Turning 50 in Style

Looking to celebrate turning 50? For years, women have dreaded the big 5-0 for a variety of reasons. It doesn't help that entering mid-life has commonly been referred to as being "over the hill". For women, these traditional signs of aging include gray hair, menopause, wrinkles, aches and pains, and reading… Read more


The Importance of Cholesterol Screening for Women Over 50

Breast cancer gets the lion’s share of attention when it comes to women’s health, but heart disease is actually the leading cause of death among women. And with the American Heart Association’s new numbers for blood pressure rates, more women than ever are facing the realities of managing high blood… Read more


Crimson Envy: In Red Hot Pursuit of this Red Fashion Trend

I am too old for this chase but I can't help myself. Although my desire is reasonably modest, it has at times been elusive. Every year or so, a fabulous, must-have color of the moment hits the fashion world. To me, it is the color that EVERYONE is beautifully adorned… Read more


Winter Workout: Adapting Your Exercise Routine for Cold Weather

If you are lucky enough to have an established exercise routine, don't let the cold weather interfere. There are lots of ways you can make adjustments that will allow you to stay fit, even when it's freezing. For those of you who haven't developed a routine, we invite you to… Read more

New Surroundings

Re-framing the Picture: Life After Retirement

Much as has been written about properly preparing oneself for life after retirement, both financially and mentally. Certainly, one needs to plan, research and get ready for that next big step! I recently retired after a 30-year teaching career and felt ready. I had enjoyed my professional life but was… Read more

Career Maker

Give Yourself a Gift This Season: Put Time and Energy into Job Hunting

We are often told we should step back from the job hunting during the holiday season. Friends will caution, "No one is hiring." I'd like to suggest another approach - to continue with these very important job search tips that will help keep your momentum going. When the New Year… Read more

Featured Destinations

Snow Day! Your Guide to Jackson Hole Winter Activities

The snow is falling right now in the mountains of northwestern Wyoming. For many lucky people that means one thing: Time to plan a Jackson Hole winter getaway. Whether you want to stay a while or drop in for a long, action-packed weekend, this cosmopolitan enclave offers some of the… Read more