6 Reasons to Feed Your Dog Fresh Food

Ollie fresh dog food

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The days of feeding our dogs low-quality kibble and endless table scraps are coming to an end, and a new era of feeding and treating our pups like the family members that they are has already begun! While few of us have the time or veterinary background to cook up homemade meals for our dogs regularly, Ollie’s fresh, vet-crafted dog food makes it easy to give pups the quality meals they deserve and the balanced nutrition they need. But is fresh really best? Let’s dig into the benefits of fresh dog food and see what makes it worth its weight in gold.

The real benefits of a fresh food diet for your dog

They’ll maintain a healthy weight

No one likes to be weight-shamed at the vet but with booming pet obesity rates in the US, we’ve got a BIG pup problem. Fortunately, the solution is as simple as portion control and a steady diet of nutrient-rich foods. Ollie takes the guesswork out of portioning your pup’s meals, providing a daily feeding guide based on a dog’s age, weight, goal weight, activity level, and any allergies they may have. Their subscription-based meal plans make creating a healthy and consistent routine simple and dependable. Ollie’s fresh, nutrient-rich recipes can also help dogs tip the scale in the other direction, restoring appetite and helping malnourished pups put on healthy pounds.

Ollie fresh dog food

They’ll have better poops

Dog parents are rarely strangers to tummy troubles, whether it’s chronic sensitivity or the occasional upset stomach. Choosing a food that is highly digestible and full of dietary fiber can help stave off stomach issues and keep things moving smoothly and safely for our pups. Ollie’s gently cooked food is easy on sensitive stomachs and number one at improving dogs’ number twos!

Their skin and coat will never look better

When we eat well, our friends and family take notice and compliment us on our healthy glow. Similarly, one of the first things we notice about our pups after they embark on a fresh food voyage is their skin and coat. Ollie’s recipes are loaded with healthy fats and oils, which can bring the luster back to your pup’s fur or hair, and help combat dry, itchy skin. One pomeranian pup, Coda, saw this first hand:

“Coda had a bad haircut when he was a little over a year old. This resulted in post-clipping alopecia, where the hair was damaged at the follicle level and prevented it from growing. After vet visits, blood tests, supplements, groomers, etc. we eventually gave up and learned to love our balding boy. Coda is now 5.5 years old and has only NOW started growing his hair back after he started his Ollie journey.” – Ari, Ollie member

Ollie fresh dog food
Coda – before and after the Ollie effect

Their mood and attitude will improve

We talk a lot about the effects a fresh food diet has on our pup’s physical wellbeing, but health is a state of mind too! Processed proteins and empty carbs can slow our pups down physically and mentally, zapping the fun out of playtime and mealtime, too. Whole meats, fruits, and veggies are genuine food for thought. Nutrient-rich food improves cognitive functions in dogs, making them happier, more energetic, and even smarter!

Ollie fresh dog food

You’ll spend less time at the vet’s

Overall, cleaning up your pup’s diet and ridding their bowl of junk like artificial dyes and flavors will have meaningful results. Just as clean eating has proven impactful for us humans, feeding our pups minimally processed, natural food can help prevent unnecessary vet visits and even treat common pup ailments caused by poor nutrition. All Ollie recipes are free from fillers, preservatives, and artificial flavors and made only with real meat, fruits, and veggies, so you’ll know exactly what your pup is eating at all times.

Ollie fresh dog food

You’ll spend more time with your pup

Who wouldn’t want more time spent with their dog? Research suggests that not only can a fresh food diet improve a dog’s quality of life, but it can help them live longer, adding an average of 2.5 years to their life expectancy. That’s a lot more time for walking, snuggling, and playing.

Sometimes seeing is believing. If you’d like to see the difference fresh food can make for your pup, head to today to see for yourself and get 50% off your first box.



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