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The Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation

Switching to a slower, more gentle gear in my fitness regime is new to me. I was always a jogger and reached levels of calm (runner’s high) through my running routines. In my 30s and 40s, I ran for exercise – from 3-4 miles a few times a week to… Read more

Featured Women

Women in Travel: Embracing the Adventure of Business Ownership

As a tour director, a huge contributor to my job satisfaction has been the relationships I've developed with incredible colleagues around the country. Women in travel are well represented, not only over the road with groups where my role lies, but also behind the scenes, in support operations and right… Read more

Food and Wine

An Alternative to Turkey: Tourtiere Style Savoury Pie

The holidays are upon us, a time of celebration and feasting. It is hard to imagine celebrating anything without food and, at this time of year, long standing traditions dictate what that food shall be. In almost all cases this includes a turkey or other bird. However, as 2017 turns… Read more

Family & Friends

Create a Deep Connection with Someone: Ask Questions

’Tis the season for spending time with people you love, and there’s no greater gift to give someone than your time. The problem is when you do spend time with people that matter - whether it’s friends, colleagues, family, your partner, your children - too many spend time the same… Read more

Leadership Growth

A True Leader Approaches Learning Like Dirty Dishes

A true leader is humble enough to realize they don’t know it all and that it is imperative to continually seek out new knowledge. That’s why Linda Huett, former President and CEO of Weight Watchers International believes that learning is like dirty dishes—“You never finish in terms of your own… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

Makeup After 50: How to Contour for a More Beautiful You!

Wish you had a slimmer jawline, a thinner nose, chiseled cheekbones or pronounced eyes?? A facial contour is a technique in which makeup enhances and shapes the facial structure. You can get this effect. All you need is the right contour shade to make this happen. What shade to use?… Read more

Family & Friends

Downsizing Dilemma: How to Approach Your Parents

How do you approach your parents about downsizing? Carefully. Very Carefully! While you are together over the holidays, it may be a good time to open the discussion. To you it may be "stuff," even a nuisance. To your parent or parents, it may be treasured possessions, each with a special… Read more

Featured Destinations

A Life Changing Trip: Walking the Camino de Santiago

Nobody could have prepared me for what happened on the Camino de Santiago. The humility, the pain, the grief, the fear, the pure human kindness and greater understanding of God's love - and the weeping for all of it together and separately and the finality and great feeling of accomplishment.… Read more

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