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So, You’re Officially an Empty Nester – Now What?

As a newly empty nester, my nest may be empty, but I am still finding little fluffy feathers blowing around the house in unexpected places. Some of these take the form of bills that peskily didn’t go with their perpetrator (like car insurance which you forget you linked with your… Read more

Anti Aging

Wrinkles AND Acne Rosacea After 50? Not Fair! Try this OTC Skin Routine

Prime women in their 50s and above who are doing their best to stay young and healthy cry foul when all of a sudden they look in the mirror and see redness, pimples, and/or pustules on their nose, cheeks, and chin. When I diagnose Acne Rosacea, patients will exclaim, “Wrinkles… Read more


Over 50 and Still Kicking: Why I Joined an Adult Soccer League

For most people, the top five things to do at age 50 probably do not include playing soccer, traveling to play soccer or planning to score a goal AND win. They are, however, on my list and on many other healthy senior soccer players' lists. As a former D1 college… Read more

Leadership Growth

Step 8 of 8 to Join a Board of Directors: Resources and Advice

Almost ten years after sitting on my first corporate board, I continue to be asked questions about my path. At my last board meeting dinner in July, the COO of the company leaned over and asked me “how did you get on this board?” My answer was to the heart of the… Read more

Career Maker

5 Tips to Develop Successful Influencing Skills

Several years ago, a Fortune 100 company asked us to develop a program on how to be more effective at influencing skills. It is a competency we should acquire at any stage of life, since we’re often put in situations where we need to get something done, but we have… Read more

Marriage & Divorce

The Grief Project: Surviving Grief Through Acceptance and Appreciation

Following her husband’s death, Lore Powell, PRiME contributor, kept a journal she refers to as “The Grief Project.” Over the past few months, she has graciously allowed us to share her entries with our readers as she moves through the process of surviving grief and acceptance of a new life path.… Read more

Featured Destinations

The Glamorous World of Yachting and Leisure Sailing

I’m just back from almost three weeks leisure sailing off the coast of Ireland and Scotland. Like many people, I have a boat-daft partner and he’s been sailing for more than fifty years, from the days when he used to take sightseers out to the pirate radio ships off the East coast… Read more


Video: 6 Exercises and 2 Habits to Sleeveless Happiness

You've met fitness expert Debra Atkinson @flipping50TV in her numerous posts for Prime Women on fitness for women over 50. Now, we are happy to share the first in a series of videos on the best exercises for women in their prime, and most importantly, how to do them safely.… Read more

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