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BTW, RU UTD on UR Acronyms?

They Pop Up Everywhere! You cannot read an online news magazine or blog without the copy being chock-a-block with acronyms. Many of which I believe are made up on the spot just to make the reader feel clueless. My go-to source for what the latest initial letters of words mean… Read more


How Music Affects the Body and Increases Your Endurance

Music is a staple in the lives of millions. We listen to it in our cars, at our desks and even in the shower. Music has been used for advertising, entertaining, movies and traced as far back as 55,000 years. My father was a big band musician, so music has always… Read more


The Current Top 3 SEO Do’s and Don’ts

In marketing, it’s always best not to get too comfortable with doing something one way, because before you know it, everything will change. Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have irreversibly rewritten the rules of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Forget word count totals, exact-match keywords, and getting away with any black… Read more

Leadership Growth

Top 5 Motivational TED Talks for Prime Women

To get inspired and move out of your comfort zone, look no further than TED, the big daddy of thought leadership confabs - attracting the world's best thinkers and doers who present short, powerful talks. TED comprises an annual North American conference, a summer global event, TEDWomen and hundreds of… Read more

Food and Wine

Forget Pinot Grigio and Embrace 4 Alternative Italian White Wines

In an Italian wine rut? Many wine lovers are tired of drinking the same overpriced Pinot Grigio. Or they just think Italy is only celebrated for its red wines. Step out of your rut and embrace four impressive Italian white wines. These are the darling whites of Piedmont, Sicily, Trentino,… Read more


The Hair Extension Questions You Should Ask

What hair extension questions should you ask a stylist before you let them go to work on you? Whether you are looking to lengthen or thicken, before you consider this luxury option for a beautiful head of hair, read what our extensions specialist has to say.  When searching for an… Read more

Career Maker

How a Good Serving of OATS Makes for a Successful Job Search

If you’re like most women, you start your mornings off with a nice, healthy breakfast. Preferably, something quick but wholesome and delicious to help you start the day off right. Might I suggest a warm bowl of OATS? These OATS, however, provide you with essential nutrients to have the most… Read more


Your Personal Style: Blend in or be Uniquely You

When it comes to personal style, some women may go to extremes to blend in or to stand out. The reality is we're all just trying to feel our best, no matter what's going on in our lives. Today, image is everything. The way we present ourselves can absolutely change… Read more

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