The Only Tool You Need to Make Your House Shine

The Roborock Dyad Pro makes cleaning your house a breeze. In fact, it's such a great cleaning tool it even cleans itself!
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Like many homes these days, my entire main floor lacks carpet; there’s hardwood flooring in the living, sitting, and dining rooms and ceramic tile in the sunroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Keeping those floors clean is a never-ending struggle and often takes me more than an hour between sweeping, spot cleaning, and mopping. So, when I heard about the option of a combo tool that can cut that time by a third, I thought it was worth looking a lot deeper into. When you start researching wet/dry mops, one option that jumps out immediately is the Roborock Dyad Pro. It’s a dry vacuum and wet mop all in one. It would definitely be easier and less time-consuming, and honestly, make the chore a whole lot less grueling.

Save Time with Smart Technology

The Roborock Dyad Pro looks like a small upright vacuum but uses Adaptive Cleaning with DirTect™ Smart Sensor technology to make sweeping and mopping much easier. It even uses voice alerts to tell you what you need to know as you use it. It has two rows of brushes: one wide brush on the back and two shorter ones on the front. It’s not super light, but the motor on it moves the brushes in a way that guides the vacuum without a lot of effort.

It has several different modes, which you can adjust depending on the stain. For something like the max mode, it will use the maximum amount of suction and dispense more water. The eco mode would be the opposite and is best for everyday messes. Or, you can pick the auto mode, which uses the sensors in the device to decide just how hard to work and how much water is needed. That also controls the brush roll rotation speed based on what it senses on the floor.

Another plus for this system compared to others is the fact that the brushes go all the way to the sides of the machine, so you won’t have to go back and re-do the work, picking up what was missed along the edges of your flooring and walls. That’s what they call Improved Edge-to-Edge Cleaning, and it’s another massive time saver.

No Dirt Left Behind

Multiple messes at once

The powerful suction is designed to suck up the dirt or whatever else was spilled on the floor and dispense clean water to get rid of any stains. Then, the machine can suck that dirty water back up and even use a drying mode to leave you with a dry floor. It actually has two separate tanks; one for the clean water and another for the dirty stuff it sucks up. And based on the videos I watched about this tool, it’ll pick up some really gross stuff.

Anyone who has mopped a floor knows how disgusting that water can get, but in this case, you don’t have to get your hands dirty wringing out an old mop or bend over five times picking up the dustpan after you swept. When you’re done cleaning, and you empty the dirty tank, there’s even a filter that’ll catch the solid stuff, so it doesn’t end up clogging your sink or toilet, assuming that’s where you dump the water. You can just filter the water through and then dump the debris in a garbage can.

Here’s another really cool part of this mop: The brushes clean themselves! There’s a base for the mop where you essentially park it. Once on the base, it uses its RevoBrush™ Self-Cleaning technology to clear any dirt out of the brushes, leaving them wet and clean and then even drying them afterward with its RevoBrush™ Drying System. That process may take a few hours, but at least you won’t end up with stinky brushes that sit for days. There’s a mode that will dry them quicker, but it’s louder than the longer mode, which is quiet enough you won’t hear it from a few feet away.

Keep It Separated

Roborock Dyad Pro woman using vac

The Roborock Dyad Pro also uses separate tanks for its detergent and water. Its solution dispenser does it automatically, so you’re not forced to figure out how much solution needs to be mixed with how much water.

Something else that makes this easy to use is its digital screen and the app that goes with it. You can download the app and then control the tool right from your phone, deciding what mode you want to use, telling it to dry the brushes, how much battery you have left (it typically lasts almost 45 minutes), and how much dirt you’ve picked up each time. The app allows you to customize the mop by changing modes and selecting things like the amount of suction, the water, and the roller speed. You can even see the history of its use and do updates when the company pushes them out.


Roborock cutting corners

From the reviews I’ve read about the device, there are two things I think are worth considering. One is that you can’t tilt the machine back more than 60 degrees, or it’ll spill water out of it. The other part is there’s a gap between the two front brushes, and that can sometimes leave a streak on the floor. That can be picked up, though, by going over the area more than once. More stuck-on stains will also require repeated passes, but the machine tends to sense that and switch it to max mode. You just need to know that when you’re using it. But if you can get past those two things and want something that’s easy to maneuver and that will cut way back on your cleaning time, it sounds like the Roborock Dyad Pro could be your solution.


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