Easy Fitness Summer Travel

Easy Summer Travel Fitness

Summer essentials: sunblock, Jackie O’s, chic wide brimmed hat, stylish fitness tracker… summer mantra.

Add a mantra?

You’ve got the first four covered, but don’t you want to feel great, look great and keep energy high?

Then repeat with me: “Smile, move, add intensity, repeat”.

And why not?

As schedules ebb and flow, a gym not even in sight, why not keep energy high and your body feeling great by starting your day with a mindset to move?

Move with intention every single day.

But, in the lazy and even crazy days of summer, how does staying fit meld into summer fun?

Says Brian Vahjen, NASM Master Trainer and Senior Program Advisor, American Fitness, Spring, 2019, “I…encourage people to get outside to hike, bike, run and kayak. I like to find cardio people enjoy.”

So, let’s keep this simple. Reminding us that good health is a lifestyle to be lived every day. The American Heart Association and its Go Red for Women movement gives the best advice: “Smile more, move more, add intensity, repeat”.

Smile. Move More. Repeat. Shoelaces

Smile. Move More. Repeat. Shoelaces, $4.95

It’s easy! Just think: SIT LESS, MOVE MORE

  • While summer means more travel, that also requires more sitting!
  • Add these stealthy inflight moves to prevent DVT and other health issues while you travel.
  • Got 5 minutes to do cardio and work major muscle groups? The Nitrous Oxide Dump, AKA 4 minute workout is for you.

Mature Couple Holding Beach BagsMove IT ANYWHERE

  • Don’t give a flip about what people think! Whether wasting hours at the DMV, an airport lay-over or standing in line at a theme park, just move!
  • Breath, and do arm and finger stretches as you’re imagining playing the piano, adding shoulder rolls, and ankle circles.
  • Improve your balance. With core tight and bellybutton “shrink wrapped’ to backbone, stand on one leg, then the other. Work up to count of five, then repeat.
  • Holding bags? Imagine they’re dumb bells and do bicep curls. Heavy purses, beach bags, and suitcases on the same arm or side can do a number on your neck, shoulder and hips, so switch it up and finish with the above stretches.


  • Make a Splash

Do you know that a water workout is one of the most effective a woman over 50 can do? While using the resistance of water to build muscle and burn calories, in a low impact manner you’re strengthening bones and your heart.

Mature Couple HikingSo, jump in, cool off, run in place, and jump, dance, twist and swim in the water for a great aerobic and toning session.  Even treading water in the pool or lake is a good workout. And, it’s all at your pace!

  • Hike, walk

At the beach? Barefoot in the sand is a terrific leg workout and grab a beach ball to stabilize as you squat or stretch.

  • Canoe, kayak, paddleboard

Even calm water gives you an arm, core, and leg workout. Think Old School.

There are so many activities, most of which you’ve done in your past, that can actually contribute to staying fit!

50 Fun Summer Activities That Burn 50 Calories

  • Remember the satisfaction of digging in the dirt and the focused simplicity of gardening? That will burn you 50 calories!
  • A leisurely bike-ride? 50 calories!
  • Jump-rope can be just for fun or a cardio challenge.
  • Challenge a friend to badminton or the newest racket craze, pickleball.
  • A 20-minute game of croquet? Burn 50 calories.
  • Hopscotch? Practice your balance, stimulate your brain and burn 50 or more calories.
  • Play fetch. Your pet will love you for it.
  • Mini golf improves focus and skill while getting in your steps.

Want motivation? Partner up and Promise 30!

“HAVE FUN, GET FIT WITH AARP”, APRIL, 2019, encourages you to join its 2019 Fun and Fit Health Challenge.

Fabulous Denise Austin, AARP’s wellness ambassador, is encouraging us to commit to walk at least 30 minutes a day with a partner if possible. “Motivation is the key to health and fitness”, says Austin. So, grab a friend, go to the fun and fitness website, and join the almost 100k people finding fresh ways to get active this summer. You’ll enjoy a digital dashboard to track your progress, share photos, find encouragement and videos, tips and inspiration. Go to www.AARP.org to get started.

This article is not a substitute for informed medical advice. Always check with your doctor before starting a new fitness routine.


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