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Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but you still have time to do something special for someone you love.


First up, is a real splurge – a trip to Napa at the newly renovated and rebranded Senza Hotel and Spa owned by wine-maker couple, Craig & Kathryn Hall. The good news is that (other than the fact that this gift is gifting yourself, too!) you have the whole month of February to take advantage of the special package.



Celebrate the month of love with Senza Hotel’s romance and rejuvenation package.

This package includes a 1-hour couple’s massage, a bottle of sparkling wine, and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for you upon your arrival. Also included is our sumptuous continental breakfast with pastries and breads from Bouchon Bakery and evening wine and cheese reception.



Fortune CookieOur second idea for a gift to your sweetheart (or you could do as a fun project with kids or grandkids) that costs next to nothing, but is terribly clever – personalized fortune cookies! You can be as creative as you like with your fortunes; from as simple as “Be my valentine” to “I see a beautiful woman (that would be you) on your arm tonight at (insert his favorite restaurant).

Now for the how:

Step 1 – Write the custom fortune that you’ll be inserting into the fortune cookie on a piece of paper (approximately 1/2 inch by 2 inches in dimension).

Step 2 – Pick up a bunch of fortune cookies at your local Chinese restaurant (some grocery stores sell them, as well).

Step 3 – Remove the cookie from its plastic wrapping. Dampen a paper towel (not dripping wet, just damp) and wrap it around the cookie shell.

Step 4 – Microwave the cookie for approximately 30 seconds, depending on how powerful your microwave is. WARNING: The paper towel will be extremely hot once your remove it from the microwave. Exercise caution to avoid burning yourself.

Step 5 – Remove the fortune cookie from the damp towel.   At this point, the previously hardened shell will have softened in the microwave, allowing you to literally pry the cookie open, remove the original fortune and replace it with your custom fortune.  With your custom fortune now inside, gently close the shell back up.  After about 20 seconds, the cookie shell will begin to harden and return it is original state.

VOILA! A really sweet, thoughtful gift and an unexpected one from a PRiME Woman!



A perfect gift to send grandkids that live away from you is these beautiful Valentine’s Day Chocolate-Dipped Cupcakes. This assortment features six vanilla cupcakes and six chocolate cupcakes, every one with a buttercream filling. Each cupcake is hand-dipped in deep, flavorful dark chocolate and carefully decorated with colored white chocolate letters that spell out “Love You More.” It’s a cupcake delivery that’s both elegant and playful.


Personalized Children’s Books

Song_Quest_BookYou still have time to order one of these personalized children’s books. They have them for all ages.

Book By You presents the world’s first full-length personalized children’s novels for ages 6-12! You co-author these 100 to 300-page novels, full of fun and adventure, by personalizing 24 features (e.g. names, hair or eye color) to create thousands of changes in each book! These novels are professionally bound, just like conventional paperbacks and hardcovers, with a personalized cover to add that finishing touch and now available personalized ebooks!


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