Valentine's Day Etiquette

Valentine’s Day Etiquette & Gifts

Valentine’s Day. It seems like a simple holiday, right? All hearts and flowers – what could go wrong with a day set aside for love? Well, it turns out quite a lot if you aren’t sensitive to other’s feelings or you have expectations that aren’t met, either by your spouse or a companion. Valentine’s Day etiquette will help you this Valentine’s Day.

According to Nancy D. O’Reilly, a clinical psychologist and founder of the WomenSpeak Project, which educates and supports women in the experience of growing older, there are more fights and breakups on this day than any other day. “Everyone is looking for confirmation of the level and amount of love (felt toward them).”

With that thought in mind, here are some rules of Valentine’s Day etiquette to follow as you navigate this February 14th:

Valentine’s Day Gift Etiquette For Husbands & Companions

  • If you are married, plan how you will spend the evening together. As for gifts, you have a track record together so you probably know what to buy him, if anything and you know what to expect. DON’T give him a gym or Weight Watcher’s membership or some other well intentioned gift to help him lose weight. Remember everyone is looking for validation that they are loved, not in need of “fixing.” Scroll down for some fun gift ideas.
  • If you have someone in your life, it’s all about how long you’ve been together. You might just ask how they feel about Valentine’s Day and decide together what works best. If you’ve only been dating a short while, just a card is the best bet. If you’ve been dating quite a while, you might give him cuff links (we’ve got a whimsical pair down in the gift section) or a shirt/tie.

Valentine’s Day Gift Etiquette For Single & Widowed Friends

  • Remember Valentine’s Day can be a sad reminder to those that are alone and not by choice. There are loads of Valentine’s Day gifts for friends and family members that let them know they are loved and that you are thinking of them.
  • A simple Valentine’s Day card is a lovely gesture to let those friends who are more than an arm’s reach away know that you care as well.

Valentine’s Day Gift Etiquette For Children & Grandchildren

  • Children never get too old to let them know you love them, whether it’s just a card, a box of candy or a pair of sweet earrings or necklace (see below for suggestions). Even a son might enjoy a fun gift basket like the golf or cigar themed ones below.
  • Grandchildren, of course, love the holiday. They usually get more than enough candy with school parties, etc. A gift they’ll keep is a way they can remember Grammy all year long. We love the DIY dollhouse and car themed toy storage bins for little ones and earrings or necklace for older girls. A wireless Bluetooth speaker in Valentine’s red can go boy or girl.

Following a little Valentine’s Day etiquette can make this holiday better than a box of chocolates!

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