Spread the Love with Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Here are some of our top gift ideas for the loved ones in your life.
Valentine's Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of year when we celebrate one of the most powerful forces in the universe – love.

Valentine’s Day is not only a chance for husbands and wives, partners, or significant others to purchase tokens of their love, but it’s a chance for you to tell anyone significant in your life that you cherish them dearly, too.

Valentine's Day Gift

It’s also a great time to pamper yourself, regardless of your dating status. Remember that loving yourself is the foundation upon which all other love thrives. So go ahead and grab some lingerie, beauty products, or anything you desire just for you.

Did You Know?

Valentine's Day Gift

The true origin of Valentine’s Day may never be known. There are many sources for the holiday, depending on who you ask, and none of them read like a romantic novel! We have Shakespeare and other writers of his time to thank for transforming the day from literal martyrdom to one in which we express our constant desire towards the everyday sacrifices we make for those we love.

This year, Americans plan to spend $26 Billion on Valentine’s Day, according to a National Retail Federation survey. It seems like a lot until you add in that romantic dinner out to the gift or flowers.

The custom of sending Valentine’s began in the 1500s, with the first commercial greeting card arriving in the mid-1800s.

Many populations across the globe celebrate this day of love, including Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Argentina, France, Mexico, and South Korea. Even in the Philippines, it is the most popular day to be married!

We’ve put together a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide to help you navigate the gift-giving process for that special someone in your life, as well as a few examples in case you’re running low on time or have someone requesting a wish list! Many of the Prime Picks below are suitable for many different recipients.

Our Top Picks: 

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Bliss Full Spectrum CBD+CBDV Oil
Bliss Full Spectrum CBD+CBDV Oil, $139.99
Hatch Restore
Hatch Restore, $129.99
Tile Black Pro + Premium
Tile Black Pro + Premium, $34.99
Dallas Stars Antigua Women's Wordmark Victory Full-Zip Hoodie
Dallas Stars Antigua Women’s Wordmark Victory Full-Zip Hoodie, $84.99
Custom Photo Books
Custom Photo Books, starting at $9.75
Halo Lace Underwire Bra
Halo Lace Underwire Bra, $55
Boukman Rum
Boukman Rhum, $49.99
Highland park 12
Thoughtful Gift Membership, starting at $120
Paloma Lite
Paloma Lite, $169.95
Wine insider valentine's day
Wine Insiders Refreshing Roses Bouquet, $116

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Foria Intimacy
Foria Intimacy Bath Salts with CBD & Cacao, $38

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Bright Cellars
Bright Cellars, starting at $75
Exotic Truffle Collection
Exotic Truffle Collection, $99.95
Burn massage candle
Burn Massage Candles, $30
lilisilk pajamas
22MM Gold Piping Silk Pajamas Set, $235

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For Him

DO Your Whisky Infusion
DO Your Whisky Infusion, $46.39
Butter Love & Hardwork Valentine's Day Breakable Chocolate Heart
Butter Love & Hardwork Valentine’s Day Breakable Chocolate Heart, $129.95
YSL Monogram Bifold Leather Wallet
YSL Monogram Bifold Leather Wallet, $375
Holiday Nuts Gift Basket by Cocoa Pecan
Holiday Nuts Gift Basket by Cocoa Pecan, $29.99
Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit
Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit, $42
Fair Isle Calf Socks
Fair Isle Calf Socks, $16
Sauvage Eau de Toilette
Sauvage Eau de Toilette, starting at $62
Scuff Slipper
Scuff Slipper, $62.96
Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit
Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit, $42

For Kids

Chuck Taylor® All Star® High Top Sneaker
Chuck Taylor® All Star® High Top Sneaker, $40
Heart Initial Necklaces for Women Girls
Heart Initial Necklaces for Women Girls, $13.99
Gourmet Gifts
Gourmet Gifts, $29.99
V Is For Video Games Funny Valentines Day Gamer Boy Men Gift T-Shirt
V Is For Video Games Funny Valentines Day Gamer Boy Men Gift T-Shirt, $19.99
Heart Alpargata Slip-On
Heart Alpargata Slip-On, $35.95
Let's Make Memories Personalized Hugging Plush Puppies
Let’s Make Memories Personalized Hugging Plush Puppies, $29.99
Kids I Heart You Socks Gift Set
Kids I Heart You Socks Gift Set, $24

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