Interested in buying a vacation home? Read where other Prime women have chosen to invest and why.

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Interested in buying a vacation home? Read where other Prime women have chosen to invest and why.

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Explore the World Through THIRDHOME Adventures

Sponsored Post Conquer Your Bucket List in 2019 with These Luxury Travel Tours New year, new travel opportunities… new you? In the spirit of expan... Read More
Vacation Homes

Your Vacation Home is Your Key to Seeing the World 

Sponsored PostIf you own a vacation home in the mountains, do you ever wish it was on the beach, or vice versa? Do you limit your travel to the pl... Read More
Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole
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Incomparable Jackson Hole

There are few places on earth that can match Jackson Hole for beauty, majesty, and pure escape from the world. In fact, Jackson Hole tops Barron’s l... Read More
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Successfully Booking Online: 10 Vacation Rental Tips

In 1995, I demanded a refund after discovering roaches, rusting pans, and broken down furniture in my first vacation rental. A few years later, the me... Read More
High End Vacation Rentals
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Tips for Finding the Right High End Vacation Rentals

Vacation is such a treasured time for all of us and accommodations play a large part in how well (or not) your vacation goes. Instead of booking a hot... Read More
manhattan nyc
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You Are Never Bored Living in NYC

Living in NYC, the Big Apple, comes with a guarantee that you will never be bored. Quite the opposite, the challenge is to keep your strength up to ta... Read More
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Second Home Heaven

I fell in love with the American West at about the age of 8. I was hooked on my first vacation - a meandering car trip through Kansas to Colorado and ... Read More
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A Wonderful Place to Visit And a Great Place to Live: My husband and I have owned a vacation home in the Carmel Highlands since 1997, but we have bee... Read More
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