Helpful tips and advice on managing your money and finances as we make our plan for living well – not just living long.

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Helpful tips and advice on managing your money and finances as we make our plan for living well – not just living long.

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Are Stocks About to Crash? Build Your “House of Security”

The major U.S. stock averages achieved record levels in the first few months after the election of Donald Trump. Predictably, those gains spurred the ... Read More
money talk
Money & Finance

The Family Money Talk: What To Discuss and Why

As adults over 50, we can suffer from putting off the money talk in two ways – having the talk with our aging parents AND having the talk with our c... Read More
tax reform plans
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Your Finances Under Trump’s Tax Reform Plans

The Crystal Ball is Fuzzy One could accurately call Donald Trump the “unexpected President.” Regardless of your political leanings, his future imp... Read More
personal finances
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Financial Planning as a Show of Love – A Valentine Message

We are in the season of two “special” days that deal with commitment. One of them, “Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day,” is about breaking a co... Read More
financial resolutions
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5 Tips for Successful Financial Resolutions

Resolutions are top-of-mind now as we flip the calendar page to the New Year, but many of us hesitate to make them because we are so bad at keeping th... Read More
financial gifts to family
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3 Reasons to Make Financial Gifts to Family During the Holidays

The giving season is here, which makes it a good time to examine whether you should be giving financial gifts to family members now rather than later... Read More
Year End Financial Planning
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7 Year End Financial Planning Tips

Decisions are best made with a little time for reflection, good information and advice from experienced professionals and those with opinions you valu... Read More
Financial Advisors
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Financial Advisors Don’t Always Understand Women – And Why You Should Never Settle for That

My first boss in the financial services industry told me I was doomed to fail, in large part because I was female. That was 1989, and while my industr... Read More
Money & Finance

Why Headlines Are a Poor Source for Investing Advice

Headlines batter us all day and every day, invading our space via TV and radio, our computers and especially our phones and tablets, and the print med... Read More
Stock Market Returns
Money & Finance

Stock Market Returns and Presidential Elections

Don’t Worry - It's Not That Big of a Deal It’s not enough that we are on the verge of being bombarded with rhetoric from two candidates running... Read More
Ways to Save for Retirement
Money & Finance

5 Ways to Save for Retirement

A sense of mild panic can set in as we reach a certain age and face the fact that we could have saved more for retirement when we were younger. It’s... Read More
Long Term Care Insurance 600x410
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8 Things You Need to Know About Long Term Care Insurance

Life has a tricky way of throwing barbs at us when we least expect them, and that’s why I put Risk Assessment and Risk Management at the top of the ... Read More