To Discount or Not to Discount, That is the Question

Senior Discounts Feature

It’s a Reward

You’re having lunch at a restaurant. Will you ask if they offer senior discounts? You’re making reservations for a hotel. Do you inquire if they offer senior discounts? That’s normally what it takes to receive a discount for a senior citizen – they don’t always offer it up.

When you qualify for senior discounts, that’s a blessing in itself. You’ve lived a life filled with experiences. Think about it. It’s incredible to realize those who qualify are over half a century YOUNG. Yes, that’s right, young. It’s about perspective.

When the opportunity presents itself where senior discounts might be applicable, my personal experience has been interesting. They look at me, see the gray hair and the discount they offer is given. I don’t qualify for all of them but there are a few I have been able to get. There are discounts at 50, 55, 60 and 65. Senior citizens are technically 65+ and are able to receive benefits.

There have been times the reward, yes reward, isn’t offered or available. It’s up to the business. I’m surprised when there isn’t one. My reasoning? The influence and buying power of the “Boomer” generation and those over 50, is quite vast. A large audience they are, and that in itself should certainly be an advantage to have as a customer. They do account for a significant portion of consumer spending. Celebrate them!

Family Having Lunch

Americans 55 and older accounted for over 41% of consumer spending, and over 38% of 55 and older Americans have remained employed. As a business, it is important to realize they spend money, and saying thank you is always in style. Offering a small reward is simply good business.

When I first learned about senior discounts, I was in my twenties. My dad mentioned in a conversation that he and my mother had been to lunch and he had his trusty discount card. We exchanged some chuckles and loving, sarcastic comments about senior discounts and using them. Fast forward today. When I take my daughters to lunch, they get excited because I can request that discount, and so far it’s been well received and I’ve been able to have the savings applied.

Mature citizens should be celebrated, not only in America but around the world. In Europe, there are discounts for mature travelers for car rental, hotels and trains. When booking in advance, it would be beneficial to inquire as to whether a discount could be possible and if one is offered. Every little bit helps to offset the cost of your experience. When planning for a trip, prior inquiry would be beneficial.

In other countries, some celebrate their mature citizens in various ways. They offer services for doctor visits, grocery shopping and some offer monetary compensation.

Singapore credits the Baby Boomer generation that helped shape their country. In 2014, Singaporeans received a package, the Pioneer Package, that helps seniors during retirement years. Read how their country and others aid their mature citizens.

As I mentioned, the term senior discount should really be a reward, not a discount to all over the age of fifty. I prefer platinum reward instead of senior discount because there’s so much to celebrate. The reward represents people with wisdom, gained experience and knowledge; a generation that has survived over fifty years without Google, Alexa, Siri or Minecraft. Mature citizens should be respected as a valuable entity in society, our country and around the world.


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