We all want to look our best. Our experts in skin care and makeup have tips for daytime, evening and looking great in photos, even selfies!

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We all want to look our best. Our experts in skin care and makeup have tips for daytime, evening and looking great in photos, even selfies!

flawless skin
Skin Care & Make-Up

Loving it! Prime Picks for PRiME Women: Flawless Skin and Smile

We love sharing products we've found that make our lives easier, better, or just more beautiful. This time, we have a couple of products that will h... Read More
beauty essentials
Skin Care & Make-Up

Beauty Essentials for Women on the Go: Makeup and Skin Care

Traveling during the summer can be the best! Bright lights in the big city or relaxing by the beach with a good paperback. One thing you don’t want ... Read More
protect your skin
Skin Care & Make-Up

Ladies, Protect Your Skin Against Damaging Summer Rays

Okay. I know what you're thinking. You have seen all the warnings (hype?) about how you should protect your skin from the damaging rays of the summer ... Read More
what's in my makeup
Skin Care & Make-Up

Have You Asked Yourself – What’s in My Makeup? You Might Be Surprised

Over 60% of what you put on your skin, whether it be your face wash, moisturizer, or just your blush, gets soaked into your bloodstream in under a min... Read More
makeup tips for mature skin
Skin Care & Make-Up

Get that Summer Glow: Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

Our eye shape, skin color and texture change as we get older. It can be tricky to find the best colors and textures in cosmetics. Below are a few make... Read More
Skin Care & Make-Up

How to Apply Blush and the Best Types for Mature Skin

Blush, or rouge, has been around since those gorgeous Egyptians were crushing up mulberries to rub onto their high cheekbones. Woman actually used to ... Read More
Skin Care & Make-Up

Loving It! Prime Picks for PRiME Women: Pamper Your Skin

Last year for my birthday, a girlfriend, who is a very clever and thoughtful gift giver, presented me with two of these treatments. They were made of ... Read More
tanning options
Skin Care & Make-Up

Our 5 Favorite Tanning Options for Women Over 50

Most of us women over 50 have learned our lesson about sunbathing from seeing the ravages the sun takes on our skin, not to mention the concerns about... Read More
Skin Care & Make-Up

3 Solutions for Fading Eyebrows

As we get older, we can fall victim to fading eyebrows as they get lighter or turn gray. We might have plucked out a few here and there, but it's not ... Read More
makeup tips for summer
Skin Care & Make-Up

Don’t Sweat It: Beat the Heat with Makeup Tips for Summer

Is your face ready for the summer? A good sunscreen is important for keeping your skin protected and young-looking, but do you feel like sometimes you... Read More
must-haves for hair
Skin Care & Make-Up

Loving It! Prime Picks for Prime Women for Hair & Skin

In the spirit of sharing the products we've found that we LOVE, we bring you the following must-haves for hair and skin. The Flatiron GHD Platinum St... Read More
how to apply shimmer
Skin Care & Make-Up

Should Women Over 50 Wear Shimmer?

"Should women over 50 wear shimmer?" I am often asked this question, and the answer is usually, yes! [caption id="attachment_22852" align="alignle... Read More
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