We all want to look our best. Our experts in skin care and makeup have tips for daytime, evening and looking great in photos, even selfies!

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We all want to look our best. Our experts in skin care and makeup have tips for daytime, evening and looking great in photos, even selfies!

Skin Care & Make-Up

2018 Fall Makeup Color Trends

Fall is officially here! We have seen so many different looks down the runway, but here are some of my favorite fashion trends: Patchwork Qu... Read More
Skin Care Products Feature
Skin Care & Make-Up

4 Weapons for Cold Weather Skin Care

It’s October! Mother Nature is tempting us with cooler weather and cozier nights. Fall is my favorite time of the year, but my skin might disagree! ... Read More
Skin Care & Make-Up

How to Use Lipstick to Whiten Teeth Naturally

We all want to have whiter teeth, but dentists say that whitening toothpaste is too harsh for everyday use. So what's a coffee-loving-gal like me supp... Read More
fall makeup
Skin Care & Make-Up

Explore the 2018 Fall and Winter Makeup Trends

In reality, you can still fry an egg on the sidewalk where I am in Texas, but can’t we just drink our pumpkin spiced lattes and dream of the arrival... Read More
Skin Care & Make-Up

Boost Your Beauty Routine Through Ingestible Skincare

Sponsored Post Each day we are faced with environment stressors that produce free radicals and oxidative damage, leading to premature aging and ove... Read More
makeup application
Skin Care & Make-Up

Top 5 Makeup Application Tips for Summer

Summer is a great time to kick back, relax and enjoy the warm weather and long, sunny days! During these low-key days, your makeup application should ... Read More
Cruelty Free Makeup Feature
Skin Care & Make-Up

5 Healthier, Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

Many makeup brands boast that they do not test on animals, are vegan-friendly, or that they do not have parabens. But what does all of this really mea... Read More
best bronzer
Skin Care & Make-Up

How to Choose and Apply the Best Bronzer for Your Skin Tone

Finally, the warm weather is here with longer brighter days and warm rays of sunshine! But as we all know by now, as warm as the sun is, it is also da... Read More
makeup tips
Skin Care & Make-Up

Less is More: 5 Summer Makeup Tips for a Fresh Face

Are you going on an amazing vacation and don’t want to bring your entire makeup vanity along? Or perhaps you just want to to lighten up your look fo... Read More
organic face moisturizer
Skin Care & Make-Up

How to Reveal Your Sexiest Summer Skin

Sponsored Post Summer brings warm weather, sunny days and more outdoor activity, which means  more environmental exposure. Here are some tips to h... Read More
self tanner
Skin Care & Make-Up

Self Tanner: Top Picks and Tips for a Gorgeous Glow

Having a bronze, coppery glow can feel so wonderful. We haven’t just gotten back from a vacation in the Bahamas, but we can still feel like we did! ... Read More
full lips
Skin Care & Make-Up

Lip Lines: Full Lip Tips

As we get wiser, our lips can get weaker, less defined and smaller. Here are some lip tips everyone needs for rounder, pouty or full lips. Lip prim... Read More
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