You’ll find the most advanced techniques in the industry, described by professionals in dermatology and plastic surgery.

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You’ll find the most advanced techniques in the industry, described by professionals in dermatology and plastic surgery.

turkey neck
Anti Aging

The Turkey Neck: We Hate It, But Can We Fix It?

…And I'm not referring to the turkey neck on your Thanksgiving bird. I'm talking about that little wattle and looseness we all hate about our necks.... Read More
Anti Aging

You Can Have Full, Kissable Lips at Any Age

Did you think kissable lips were a thing of the past? Not anymore. Aging does take a toll on our lips but there are weapons at our disposal nowadays t... Read More
age beautifully
Anti Aging

Age Beautifully and On Your Own Terms

It starts way too early. As young women, we look in the mirror and want to change something about our appearance. For me, I saw only acne and a nose t... Read More
Anti Aging

Wrinkles AND Acne Rosacea After 50? Not Fair! Try this OTC Skin Routine

Prime women in their 50s and above who are doing their best to stay young and healthy cry foul when all of a sudden they look in the mirror and see re... Read More
liquid facelift
Anti Aging

The Liquid Facelift: Are Fillers or Stimulators Right for You?

Tired of looking tired? Or even worse, sad when you aren’t? The reason is typically a loss of fullness in the face. Before we turned 50, our faces w... Read More
fractional CO2 laser
Anti Aging

Could Your Sex Life Improve with a Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment?

I’m back at lunch with my friend Kitty Gahlorre. Last time we had lunch she told me all about a new laser procedure she was going to have done. Thi... Read More
skinpen procedure
Anti Aging

The SkinPen Procedure Results: Beautiful, Youthful-Looking Skin

Everyone wants to have younger looking skin, and there are a variety of treatments out there promising to deliver. We have found that the SkinPen prod... Read More
sexy and attractive
Anti Aging

The Truth About Being Sexy and Attractive After 50

The headlines are everywhere: 60 is the New Sexy, 50 is the New 30, 70 is the New 50. It doesn't take a genius to figure out everyone wants to feel s... Read More
Morning Routine
Anti Aging

top fashion blogs for women over 50

Three years ago I wrote an article titled 3 Secrets to Aging Well. And while I still stand by the three step original morning routine, there are two ... Read More
MonaLisa Touch
Anti Aging

Mona Lisa Wasn’t Smiling About Vaginal Atrophy

It's not fun to talk about, or to experience. Menopause, chemotherapy, a hysterectomy and other life events can cause a reduction of estrogen, which l... Read More
best drugstore skin care
Anti Aging

The Best Ingredients in Drugstore Skin Care Products for Mature Women

I was challenged by the editors of Prime Women to recommend the best drugstore skin care products. Products that are inexpensive, over the counter, an... Read More
earlobe repair procedure
Anti Aging

Do You Need An Earlobe Repair Procedure?

Chandelier earrings are stunning, especially as an accessory to that perfect dress for a special evening on the town. However, many women over 50 cann... Read More
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