Stylish Hats: A Prime Woman's Best Accessory

Stylish Hats: A Prime Woman’s Best Accessory

Stylish Hats

Hats are making a comeback, especially stylish hats. If you flip through a People magazine or watch “Access Hollywood,” you’re sure to see one of the hottest new actresses or models wearing a hat. Whether they’re spotted going through an airport or shopping on Rodeo Drive, they are usually donning a hat.

Admittedly, it is sometimes a ball cap (not a good look for most women over the age of 50) but more recently,   celebrities and well-dressed women are wearing brimmed hats. That’s because hats are great for framing the face. They cover dirty, unstyled or otherwise less than perfect hair. A stylish hat can pull a look together, especially a more relaxed outfit of jeans or slacks, a t-shirt and jacket.

While you might see people sporting them on the street, hats aren’t likely to make an appearance at the office. You would need to remove it upon arrival or else be terribly distracting to those around you. And let’s face it, hat hair is just not a good look. However, if you are headed out shopping, traveling or spending any time in the sun, consider wearing a hat.

stylish hats

The choices are endless. For summer and early fall, you can find straw hats in just about any style. Stylish hats like Coachella cowboy, Panama hats, fedoras and floppy hats perfect for the beach. You’ll want a brim wide enough to block the sun on your face and neck unless you plan on spending time indoors.

Stylish hats

For late fall and winter, fedoras are hugely popular. You might also try a bowler or cloche; and if you are feeling particularly daring, don a beret.

Shop Stylish Hats for Summer/Early Fall

Shop Stylish Hats for Late Fall/Winter

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