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Five Edgy Fashion Ideas for Fifty-Plus – YOLO!

It’s almost the holidays, and what better way to get in the spirit than by stepping outside your comfort zone in the edgy fashion department?!? From off-kilter earrings to all-over color, here are 5 new YOLO trends that scream bold style and are worth the risk at any age. C’mon, I dare you… 😉

5. Spread the Color Down to Your Toes

Edgy Fashion

Yes, you’ve made every effort in your ensemble, but then you put on basic black pumps. Why?!?! Instead, stand up and step out in some bold booties… a look you can be pretty much guaranteed no one else will have.

4. Mix ‘n Match

Edgy Fashion

This season isn’t bashful with traditional prints (like polka dots and plaids) playing along with whimsical patterns. For every minimalist, there is a MAXimalist, dressing with peacock prowess and bold style. Be strategic in mixing your prints by pairing clashing patterns. The key is to coordinate the dominate color palettes for a cohesive look.

3. Head to Heels PINK

Edgy Fashion

While pink historically has been viewed as overtly feminine (and maybe even weak), this season it’s red hot. Today, pink is a statement-making color portraying passion and confidence. Keep the silhouette sleek and show a little skin, if you’re brave, to break up all that color. Or, belt your waist in a “grounding” brown or navy.

2. Mismatch your earrings

Edgy Fashion

Now you finally have something beautiful to do with any odd earrings you can’t bring yourself to toss out. Make the look unique by wearing a longer earring on one side and a shorter earring on the other. The goal isn’t to match the earrings with each other. It’s about how each individual earring’s color and shape looks with your ensemble. If you would wear each one as a set with the outfit, then you can absolutely wear them individually.

1. Carry an amazing handbag

Edgy Fashion

Fendi, Wendistry, Elie Saab

Enough said!

BONUS: Buy an item without looking at the price

Edgy Fashion


Let your love for bold style and edgy fashion take over… After all, it’s only money. You’re in your PRiME and you’ll make more. Besides, what would life be without the occasional indulgence?




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