Breaking All The Fashion Rules

You’ve seen it, pattern mixing, wearing white year-round and even buying jeans that are already distressed! Most of the latest fashions and trends can be left to the celebrities that are setting those trends but a lot of those trending fashions can be tastefully done for anyone that dares. I will show you how to take on those trends in a classy and definitive way.


A floral pattern paired with a stripe or stripes with polka dots might not sound like a good match but the art of pattern mixing is in complimenting color palettes. You want to pair softer tones with soft tones, neutrals with neutrals, jewel tones with jewel tones to get the best out of putting together two different patterns.

Pattern Mixing should never exceed beyond two; this will ensure that you aren’t bombarded with too much activity that takes away from your natural beauty.


I remember growing up and being told that white should not be worn after Labor Day. I never really understood why that was a rule but white denim and a crisp white button down have become staples for my year-round wardrobe now that the old rules have gone out the window.

You can live in a pair of white jeans or chinos and a hard-pressed white-collar button down with your sleeves rolled up. Style with a sparkly statement necklace, stack some bangles around your wrist, or tie your favorite scarf around your neck and you’re ready for a nice Spring/Summer afternoon lunch with friends or family.


Pulling off the color-blocking trend is a lot like Pattern Mixing. It’s best to stay within corresponding color families. Consider taking this step before jumping into Pattern Mixing and gradually throwing in a pattern to include depth to your color block outfit.

It’s so much more than wearing white and block! Try using white as your base and wearing white denim with turquoise on top. Balance it out with wearing earthy accessories like turquoise, wood bangles or even an ethnic print scarf around your shoulders.


I saved this trend for last because it appeals more to teens but any woman can pull it off. Denim comes slightly distressed to dramatically distressed. In order to wear this fashion without seeming too young, you’ll want to find a pair of denim that is slightly distressed in a dark wash.

Distressed Jeans are a great “go-to” for weekend activities. You can wear this denim with practically anything, tee shirts, blouses, kimonos or button downs. Try a low knot with your button down shirts, try front tucking your favorite tee into your denim with a light fine gauge/sweater.

Although rules aren’t necessarily meant to be broken, they can be bent a little bit. Clothes are essential but fashion is a choice. Try these looks out on a casual Friday or on a weekend and allow yourself to experiment a little bit.





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