Your Personal Style: To Blend in or be Uniquely You

Your Personal Style: Blend in or be Uniquely You

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When it comes to personal style, some women may go to extremes to blend in or to stand out. The reality is we’re all just trying to feel our best, no matter what’s going on in our lives.

Today, image is everything. The way we present ourselves can absolutely change another’s perception, especially at the first impression. Yet, do you ever feel you are dressing for another’ approval instead of being uniquely you?

It’s a disconcerting dilemma for many women…simultaneously wanting to be unique yet profoundly needing to belong.

Personal StyleIt starts early, of course. I see it with my cousin’s daughter (a ZTA at Stephen F. Austin State University), and how much she wants to blend in with all the other teenagers. She’s usually wearing almost exactly the same thing as all the other kids. I recognize that, of course, because I wasn’t much different when I was young.

Many of us barely grow out of that stage. There are really very few people who stand out on the streets, or are especially noteworthy. Possibly the biggest fashion influence for all of us comes from celebrities and social media. A celebrity starts wearing something, they share pics on Instagram, and it leads to others buying/wearing it. Quickly, cutting-edge becomes every-day – an accepted “fashionable” trend.

Over a season, your friends wear the trends, and whether you like it or not, you might follow suit because you don’t want to be the odd one out.

And to stand out, I don’t mean that you have to be super bright, wear something crazy, have a funny haircut, be incredibly beautiful or wear a high hat. Standing out simply means that for some reason, I notice you.

Well-dressed people typically receive better service and will always leave a better impression. Confidence rises and more meaningful interactions with others ensue. If you’re dressed well, you feel better.

Yet, just because something is “white hot” in fashion at the moment, you shouldn’t have to wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

But, why would you want to blend in so much?

Don’t you want to get noticed, even just a little bit? Don’t you want to be uniquely you and show us a little bit about your personality?

Even though we are not all extroverts, why would we want to completely hide away behind the sameness of our clothes? Surely there is a way to blend in without completely surrendering our own style or do exactly the same as everybody else?

So, what do these “out-standing” women do differently?

Although it is surprising how rarely it actually happens, the women on the street that I always notice are sporting one or more of the following:

  • They highlighted their body strengths to perfection and created a great silhouette.
  • They used texture and pattern to great effect.
  • They combined neutrals in new and exciting ways.
  • They wore color!
  • They showed a unique sense of style through the way they put themselves together.
  • They had a great hair color or cut that exuded style and hipness. And that includes a great grey hair style too!

Fashion is ever-evolving, so if you don’t appreciate the style of the season, wait a moment… it will pass. And, inspiration comes at you every day off the runway and on the street. Take time to mix up your outfits and add uniquely you items so you’ll feel fantastic about standing out.

Like my friends, I feel more daring and know myself better as I get older, so it’s easier to do something different.

Rather than becoming invisible as you mature, use that power of confidence and self-knowledge to up your fashion game. Stand out a little bit more and show your personality through your clothes. Display the knowledge and style you have acquired over the years!



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