The Pinks Reign: 2017 Trends in Fall Makeup Colors

The Pinks Reign: 2017 Trends in Fall Makeup Colors

Does the thought of cold weather approaching give you the blues??? Well it’s time to think pink! Unlike the pink of the past, these fall makeup colors are not to be associated with the overly feminine girly-girl. Pink is now the color of fearlessness and action. Pink is not a color to hide behind but to be worn unapologetically. Fall/Winter 2017- 2018 runways were sprinkled with pink, from peach pink eyes to velvety berry colored lips. This season’s trend will have everyone seeing you through rose-colored glasses.

There’s never been such diversity with the hues of pink on the lids. Altazurra and Marchesa went the powdery pink route, embracing natural beauty. On the other hand, Trusardi and Oscar de la Renta went vibrant and funky. Lanvin and Andrealage played it safe with a pop of healthy color.

Philip Lim and Chanel sported a classic pink lip, while Giambattista Valli, Jill Stuart and Valentino favored the season with a deeper berry color. Both trends work day and night so try both options.

Designer Nina Ricci took it to the next level with an all over rosy glow. Models strutted down the runway looking healthy and vibrant, almost angelic.

So let’s see how these trends in fall makeup colors can fit into our makeup routine!

Meet the Fall Makeup Colors of 2017


Hydrate your skin with Ginseng + Vitamin C serum with a pump of GIELLA cocktail of oils. Glowing and healthy is still in and with these two products in your arsenal it’s impossible to look dull. Using your foundation brush apply a layer of liquid foundation all over your face starting in the center and working your way outward. For some added glow, try a liquid highlighter (Rose Glam) for an extra dewy finish.

Then take a big kabuki brush (Brush #11) and apply your blush to the center of your cheeks and sweep it in an out and upward motion. The trick to the rosy glow is to apply a bit into your temples to tie in your eyeshadow. Highlight, set with a dusting powder and you’re ready to go!!!


Make sure to use an oil-free makeup remover to completely clean your lids. Leftover mascara can have the eyelids looking purple instead of pink. Always start with an eye primer all over the lids.

Then, apply your eyeshadow; for a warmer pink try Toasted Eyeshadow on your lids up into your crease and for a cooler tone, try Mink densely on your lids into the crease. Blend well and accent with a highlighter on the brow bones (either a champagne or soft white.) Define your lash line by applying Stout Eyeliner, a deep eggplant, on and above your lash line. The contrast of the eyeliner establishes that your lids are pink; not your eyes. Apply mascara to your upper and lower lashes, but focus more on the lower lashes for a modern twist. For a pop of shimmer try a soft pinky shimmer above your eyeliner and the inner corner of your eyes.


fall makeup colors

Changing your lipstick is the fastest way to update your look. So don’t be afraid to go a little bolder. First, start by priming your lips with GIELLA Smooth Lips; this will keep the lines smooth around your lips and keep the lipstick from feathering. Then follow with a rosy pink lip liner (Rosewood) around the lips and even fill them in with the pencil. This wearable lip liner will become a winter staple. Depending on your mood apply either Rose Glam (a rich rose brown with a subtle gold texture) lipstick or Rose Gold (a softer pink rose with gold sheen) lipstick. Action (a sheer rose pop) lip gloss can be applied over for a more hydrated look, keep it in the center of your lips.

Enjoy the season and the power of pink!!

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