Gift a Girlfriend Skincare Challenge

Sponsored Post but Personally Tested

A Gift for the Gals to Do Together

One of the best gifts you can give your friends (or your daughters) is something you can all do together. Even better if it helps everyone long term. Triple good if the cost is reasonable. Which is why I love the idea of a 10 Day skincare challenge with the girls. I found the ideal package for gifting with the Silk Therapeutics starter kits.

Each skincare starter kit comes in giftable packaging

10 Day Skincare Challenge Starter Kits as Gifts

  • Only $25 each kit
  • Comes in 3 skin types (dry, combination, oily)
  • 10 day supply of an entire routine (dry skin regimen has 6 steps)
  • Packaged in a pretty giftable drawstring bag
  • Clear routine instructions

Yes, I know, skincare is very personal. But unless your friend has a die-hard routine, I’m sure they will welcome the test of a new brand. And as I will attest to later, it’s good stuff. The real bonus here is actually sticking to a day and night routine for long enough to create a habit.

Silk Therapeutics skincare challenge steps

If you are this disciplined, bravo. But you know it’s easier to follow through with a friend. Commitments and promises are kept to others while you might slip if it’s just for yourself. This togetherness is the real gift. A reason to check in every day for 10 days? Golden. Taking pictures at the start and finish…that sounds like an opportunity to gather for wine. Accomplishing something as a group feels special. This 10-day challenge can be your excuse.

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Also, get ready for improved skin! I’m shocked really. I didn’t expect much improvement in 10 days. Glad I took pictures or I wouldn’t have believed it. Definite lightness and brightness in tone. My eye crinkles lessened. Everything looks plumped. Did it turn me into a 20 yr old supermodel? No. But I’m happy with the amount of reversal. Imagine if I continue!


Notes from the challenge

  • There is more than plenty of the product. I have leftovers.
  • Take the before and after photo!
  • My skin felt better throughout
  • Set a timer to remind yourself
  • It’s much easier than it seems at first

My experience with the Silk Therapeutics product

  1. No Adverse Reactions – That’s why you test in the first place!
  2. Loved the cleanser texture – foamy and light, didn’t leave a film, easy to rinse off
  3. Creams and serums felt great – I’ve abandoned other brands for how they feel on
  4. Skin felt softer within days
  5. Felt hydrated all day – even though we just turned on drying gas heaters for the year
  6. Good makeup application on top of the moisturizers
  7. Impressed by my personal outcome
  8. Glad it is made with clean ingredients

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