What You Need to Know About Color for Beautiful Lips

What You Need to Know About Color for Beautiful Lips

Beautiful Lips

As early as 1,000 B.C., women were crushing precious gems to adorn their lips. They also used fish scales and insects. Thank the Lord above that we have less-repugnant, and easier, ways to get some extra “oomph” in our beauty routines these days! Choosing a lip product, let alone color, can be a double-edged sword. We have such an amazing variety, but for that same reason, it can be an insanely daunting task. I’m not saying those Egyptian women had the wrong idea with gorgeous eyeliner and lip colors, but let’s explore our more modern choices and give you the confidence you need walking up to that cosmetics counter. Here are some of the popular options in today’s market for beautiful lips:

Classic Lipstick

From the early days of Avon to the luscious, rich colors of today, lipstick has come a long way, baby! Lipstick is a classic staple if you want sheer or opaque moisturizing color in matte or glossy finish, that’s easy to apply. If you are worried about color bleeding, there are many formulas these days that hold their own. For beautiful lips, just pop a lip liner underneath for a little extra insurance, if you’re worried. Don’t worry about matching the shade of lip liner with the lipstick, either. You can get a nice nude color that matches your own natural lip color, or snag a clear liner and you can put it under anything!

  1. Dior’s “Dior Addict” Lipstick is super creamy and moisturizes well. The colors are fun and it always adds a nice touch of elegance to whatever you are wearing.
  2. LimeLight by Alcone’s “Perfect Lipstick”– These babies have the best staying power and you don’t need a lip liner because they don’t bleed at all!


These little guys can be wonderful for women who want something natural looking, like more of a hint of color with less touch-ups during their busy day. A lot of “stains” these days at makeup counters can mean opaque, heavy matte lipsticks, but I remember them fondly as smart, sweet, bee-stung pops of color from the time prior to that fad. These are a little harder to find but I really feel they will be coming back and will hit with a force!

  1. YSL’s “Glossy Stain”– These have changed my life. They give a nice, sheer stain, and they have a beautiful shine.  Most stains don’t glow like these…YSL has something special in their corner and I want them all!
  2. Revlon’s “Balm Stain” comes in 8 beautifully bright colors. It is like putting on lipstick with a big chubby crayon and no sharpening is needed! Just a perfect hint of color for beautiful lips.

Lip Glosses

Glosses are wonderful for attaining a nice hydrating shine or tint that looks more natural. They can also make your lips look fuller! Glosses are extremely versatile. You can use them alone or put them over a stain or stick to add an extra flair. One of my favorite things to do is fill my entire lips with my best-loved lip liner for stability, then throw some gloss on top! Sheer pinks are all over the runways this season.

  1. Marc Jacobs “Enamored” Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss– These are fun and the shades of pink are perfect! The strong shine and moisturizing formula make for a great duo.
  2. Laura Mercier’s “Lip Glacé”– With colors like “Nectar” & “Baby Doll,” these little puppies will look wonderful with anything. Try dabbing a dot on your lower inner lip over your favorite lipstick to add a spot of shine and make your lips pop even more!

Liquid Matte Lipsticks

The liquid mattes (no shine, flat color) have been popular in the glam community for quite some time. These velvety, opaque colors can be especially appealing with their long-lasting formulas. Just be careful because they can dry your lips out something fierce. (I recommend slathering your lips with Carmex or Vaseline when you go to sleep.) Also consider that the flatness of the colors can tend to make your lips appear smaller.

  1. Makeup Forever’s “Artist Liquid Matte”– So many brands rushed the scene to get their product into the hands of people clamoring for this trend, but Makeup Forever took their time and it shows. Their formula is moisturizing and soft while still giving you that nice, velvety finish.
  2. Chanel’s “Rouge Allure Ink” is a beauty. When it sets, the color stays forever and you get a lovely soft, flat finish. It is so easy to just pop it on like a gloss!

Read on if you’re interested in Full, Kissable Lips.

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