The Best Makeup Shades for Your Coloring and Which to Avoid

The Best Makeup Shades for Your Coloring and Which to Avoid

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PINK and BERRIES are the hot colors to wear this season, but how do you know if pink is a color you can wear?? Good news. You can actually wear all color! It simply depends on these three important dimensions of color: depth, undertone, and intensity. The Color Correct System I have used for over 20 years divides most people into three groupings: Color Profile Light (CPL), Color Profile Neutral (CPN), or Color Profile Dark (CPD). Each grouping suggests what value, intensity and undertone of makeup shades are most suitable.

Depth locates a color’s position in relation to light and dark or white and black. A light color such as yellow is high in value, closer to white, and a dark color such as blue is low in value, closer to black.

Cast is the undertone of color being cool or warm.

Intensity is the relation of brightness or saturation in a color. Colors that are fully saturated can be described as being more intense than duller colors of the same hue.

You can find the appropriate makeup shades most suitable for you using the following chart. Let’s look at hair, eye and skin color in the chart below to identify what grouping you fall under.

Best Makeup Shades for You

If you fall under a CPN, you would look best in makeup shades that have a medium value (not too dark and not too light) and medium intensity, colors with a little bit of brown in them often referred to as “earthy.”

Group: CPN
Value: Medium

If you fall under a grouping of CPL, you would look best in colors that are low in value (mostly white and pastels) and have a low/medium intensity, not too dark or bright.

Group: CPL
Value: Low
Intensity: Low-Medium

If you fall under a CPD, you would look best in makeup shades that have deep value and medium-high intensity, colors that are contrasting with your skin often referred to as “jewel tones.”

Group: CPD
Value: Deep
Intensity: Medium-High

So, if you are a CPN and you are looking for the right pink or berry, do not choose one that is too deep or too bright; select one that is muted, with medium intensity. Here are some examples of pinks from the Pantone Color Swatches.

Light – Pastel Pinks
makeup shades light

Muted – Earthy Pinks makeup shades earthy

Deep Intense Pinks   makeup shades intense

So, we may have our personal preferences in color, but we can still find your shade of pink, red, plum or orange; it all depends on the depth, undertone and intensity!


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